Umm, yes?

One of the country’s leading preparatory schools has alerted parents that boys as young as ten are having “pornographic” conversations.

Eaton House The Manor, a £21,000-a-year school in Clapham, south London, has warned that some boys in Year Six have been caught using “sexualised” language.

The school wrote to parents to explain that it has become “increasingly apparent” that a small number of boys have “either engaged in conversations of a pornographic nature whilst at school or indeed been subjected to listening to conversations of a pornographic nature”

It’s a little twee to be worried about boys and sexual language, isn’t it? Ten year olds might quite know what it all means but this is hardly unusual, is it?

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  1. Is this Eaton thing something special in that they’re supposed to have found a way to keep the mind of pre-teen boys off Girls and Bad/Tough Language one-upmanship where even the strictest monastic schools and decades of Victorian indoctrination failed?

  2. There is also a world of difference between a 10 year old saying “Phwar! I’d give her one” and actually having a clue what that actually means. Mostly they are simply repeating what they’ve heard elsewhere without little genuine understanding.

  3. A prep school takes children up to the age of thirteen. So what language are the older boys speaking? Latin?
    It’s a day school in London. They probably learn more on the streets than in class.

    The prurient snowflakes on the staff need lessons in the real world.

  4. Theophrastus (2066)

    I began to be interested in the female body when aged about seven – 60 years ago. What the pearl-clutchers call pornographic was common talk among 10 year olds then, too.

  5. I can remember very well the language used and the topics discussed when I was 10, far more vulgar and “adult” than the language used since.

  6. Spoken words cannot be pornographic… the -graphic bit refers to writing, drawing, pictures, etc.

    Once over teachers would be expected to know this, but now….

  7. About the only thing I can remember from nursery school was a game whereby the girls stood across the bottom of a slide, legs open, and the boys slid down, head up.

    Why did we do it? Because we knew it was naughty. Why was it naughty? We hadn’t the least idea.

  8. Dear Mr Worstall

    When I was younger than 10 there was a poem doing the rounds amongst the lads which started thus (ahem):

    Down in the valley where the green grass grows
    Stood a lady without any clothes.
    Along came a cowboy, clippity clop
    Down with his trousers and out with his …

    The next word doesn’t rhyme.

    The poem covers: negotiable affection, sado-masochism, not much sex education, some basic reproductive biol., priapism and mono-orchidism. I did have to ask for one phrase to be explained, though I suspected then that the answer was not entirely correct, but it was good enough.

    I went to a government school, so it wasn’t costing my parents the equivalent of £21k. Also this sort of thing tended to occur outside school.

    Hope this helps, especially any teachers at expensive prep schools.


  9. Perhaps the kids are just quoting rap lyrics. Or alternatively they’re swotting up for the sex education tests.

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