Weird but fun

The Guardian can provide some fun at times.

Sole of a nation: how Clarks became Jamaica’s favourite footwear
There has long been a unique connection between the Somerset-based shoe-maker and the Caribbean island. It goes way beyond shoes – as a new edition of book Clarks in Jamaica demonstrates

It’s blissfully free of White West Country Boys exploiting foreigners stuff too.

After Michael Manley was elected as Jamaica’s prime minister in 1972 and banned imports of foreign footwear,

They even give us an example of socialist stupidity to delight in.

6 thoughts on “Weird but fun”

  1. I’m a son of a Clarks man: my father measuring my feet up with his own measuring device before being outfitted with some cheap “rejects” from the factory every six months. Sadly, it’s gone downhill since, and it’s more of a retail operation now 🙁

  2. Clark Commandos: Were they the ones with various animal tracks on the tread, and a compass hidden under the heel, so you got a wet foot while getting lost?
    I had a pair of them!

  3. @ ottokring
    Those of us who had grown up before they were invented!
    My first pair of *new* sandals (it continued to be responsible/patriotic to wear “hand-me-downs” for a few years after rationing was abolished) were Clarks. I still remember them with affection: comfortable and good grip running or walking.

  4. I bought La Colombiana a pair of Clarke’s sandals for her birthday last year. Not cheap but anything’s cheaper than the big name designer ware in faux leather infests the shops. She’s hardly taken them off. I’ll probably get her another pair next month. Not saying there’s anything wrong with the first. Still look as good as new.

  5. Clark’s desert boots-they are indeed a fashion item in the Caribbean – in Antigua and Grenada from personal experience. I should have filled a suitcase with them .

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