Well recovered I’d say

Model Tess Holliday reveals she’s recovering from anorexia

21 thoughts on “Well recovered I’d say”

  1. ’ Holliday says she hopes her announcement helps to stop the idea that ‘only very underweight people can have anorexia’..’

    Well, why not? Men can now be women, and white people can be black, after all.

  2. I completely understand. Every time she looked in a mirror, she saw a fat girl in the reflection.

  3. Def. emotional disorder characterized by an obsessive desire to lose weight by refusing to eat

    Failed on both counts

    Steve wins the thread.

  4. A friend of mine with an acid tongue once bought a T shirt for a female friend (who was shall we say less than svelte) that had the slogan on it ‘I beat anorexia’

    It wasn’t well received……..

  5. Truly a marvel of modern society when skinny people can identify as being fat, and grossly obese people can identify as being anorexic.

    Might it be churlish of me to expect a second diagnosis from a medical doctor, just to make sure the eating disorder under consideration wasn’t bulimia but she kept forgetting the throwing up part?

  6. Philip – because once a woman reaches a certain size, well, that’s all that’s left to wear.

  7. allthegoodnamesaretaken said:
    “Has she got a book coming out?”

    I’d say there’s a full series in there.

  8. “Has she got a book coming out?”

    Could even be a tricycle, hand pump or whatever. You could hide practically anything under that, er, attire.

  9. I do not see why there needs to be so much hatred to this woman.
    This is bullying, sexism, and bigotry.
    Anorexia is a serious subject. And sufferers of this condition should not be bullied.
    Leave the woman alone.
    Treat people with respect as Jesus would.

  10. Once again the word hatred thrown around indiscriminately.
    I don’t see any hate, poking holes (in a fun sartirical way) in the stories of people who want to self-publicise like this one is fair game. They started the discussion and if they don’t like the way it’s gone they can always decide not to to go public in the future.
    I’d be surprised anyone commenting hated the person, doubt many had even heard of her before.

  11. If she’s throwing up/starving herself/over-exercising after eating, but still eating SOME food and maintaining close to her original weight, then she’s unaware that she’s bulimic, not anorexic.

    If she’s starving herself or exercising a lot to get to a healthier weight, then she’s just dieting.

    If she’s still eating as usual, but simply hates how fat she is, then her eyesight is perfect.

  12. BniC You said you hate the French on another post here. It is wrong to bully people on the internet. What if she or her friends read this blog post? Have some respect for women.
    Anorexia can kill people. Anorexia can cause severe damage to people and to their mental or physical health. Treat people with respect. Imagine if it was your wife, or child being talked about like this? How angry would that make you?

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Treat people with respect.”

    Why? What has she done to earn my respect?

    As far as I can make out she’s just another attention seeker who adds nothing to my life and I think the attention she gets is dangerous.

    Good luck to her if people respond but she doesn’t get any respect from me, she’s teaching you girls that they can get attention by abusing their body.

  14. John Lewis

    Brilliant, well said, clever, smashing
    Whatever you brits use now.
    I really liked that one.

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