Well, yes, he would say that, wouldn’t he?

A British scientist who took part in a World Health Organisation mission to investigate whether Covid leaked from a Wuhan laboratory has suggested that China had been “misunderstood” over its refusal to address growing suspicions about the origins of the disease.

Dr Peter Daszak said he sympathised with the Chinese government for refusing to give “oxygen” to “conspiracy theories”, and cast doubt on US intelligence suggesting that three workers at the Wuhan lab fell ill shortly before the first recorded case of Covid-19.

This is the bloke who took the money from the US government and then hired the Wuhan institute to do the work. On adding stuff to coronaviruses in that “gain of function” stuff.

Hey, it’s even possible he’s right but it’s also obvious that this is what he would be saying…..

24 thoughts on “Well, yes, he would say that, wouldn’t he?”

  1. Must admit I never took the story of the virus being artificial all that seriously. But the tale seems to be about such an absolute fuck-up that it seems extremely likely.

  2. “Dr Daszak gained his worldwide reputation after turning Gerald Durrell’s conservation charity, previously known as The Wildlife Trust, into an organisation hunting down new viruses around the world.”

    HTF does that work? So you could repurpose Battersea Dogs Home as a skateboard park?

  3. @Boganboy
    There were certainly theories going around that China had developed & released the virus as an attack on Western economies. Never made much sense, since China relies on Western economies being prosperous to provide a market for Chinese exports. Unfortunately, that seems to have been an excuse to shut down any questioning of the origin of the virus.

  4. Dr Peter Daszak said he sympathised with the Chinese government for refusing to give “oxygen” to “conspiracy theories”,

    Yes, it’s ridiculous to suggest the secretive and increasingly totalitarian regime that aggressively censors media and wants to police every aspect of its subjects’ lives might engage in some sort of conspiracy.

    Perhaps the Chinee have a low opinion of gweilos because they’re so cheaply bought.

  5. Perhaps we could take a leaf out of China’s book and just assume that any rumours coming from that country or associates thereof should not be given oxygen.

  6. I see that the BBC is preparing the ground for the (IMHO always inevitable) cancellation of June 21st, and introduction of a new round of house-arrest… “Scientists says there’s signs of a third wave…”, “new super-scary variant discovered in Vietnam”, etc…

  7. Daszak better start finding somewhere to hide, he’s the prime instigator in all this, and when the inevitable Establishment 180 degree turn comes regarding how CV came about, his neck is going to be on the chopping block. And he can’t even run to China, because they aren’t going to want someone who knows the truth to remain in existence for long either……..

  8. Daszak is bought and paid for by China. He’s thoroughly involved in the work of the Wuhan lab.

    You’d get a straighter response from the People’s United Front Department of Lying to Foreign Devils.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Matt Ridley’s written a good piece in the Spectator:


    He started out thinking the idea was ludicrous and sets out why he changed his mind. You can also here him discussing it on the Spectator’s Edition podcast.

    @Baron Jackfield

    The bedwetters are trying but project fear is losing ground so now we’re also being told that we have to do it so the allow the NHS to catch up with all the waiting lists. As out host never tires of pointing out, we’re seeing Hayek’s Road To Serfdom come true.


    If the bellwethers I use, Mrs BiND and her friends, are anything to go by they’ll have no chance enforcing lockdowns it much longer. “What was the point of getting vaccinated” or “don’t vaccinations work?” is being recited quite often.

    We need to keep remining people that if they go in to a pub/restaurant and then put a mask on to go walking round they’re more scared of the government that the virus.

  10. BiND “We need to keep remining people that if they go in to a pub/restaurant and then put a mask on to go walking round they’re more scared of the government that the virus.”

    I haven’t checked but my friendly local publican says that he will get a stiff fine if TPTB find out that we are not masked up while visiting the WC. There are frequent patrols and there are bastards who tip off the police

  11. @BiND and Diogenes…

    The smoking ban in pubs was made effective by placing the onus, and legal liability for the swingeing fines, on the landlord. Otherwise, if a “smoking warden” should have gone into a pub and started remonstrating with a customer he’d probably have had the error of his ways explained to him (if lucky) or duffed-up and chucked-out if not so. However, responsible smokers wouldn’t want to see their local shut down by the licensing authority and the “gaffer” fined into bankruptcy, and, in general, did their smoking outside (if they’d not already abandoned the pub altogether)…

    So it is with the catering/hospitality/shop/etc industries and Covid. The proprietor of the business is the one that gets shafted, so they have no option but to enforce (admittedly, from personal experience, not with any great enthusiasm) the bloody-stupid rules that have been foisted on us.

  12. Wuhan has three virology labs and one of which does loads of work on Corona viruses. They also engage in genetic engineering of such viruses. Wuhan began a major outbreak of covid-19 towards the end of 2019. Occam’s Razor says it must have leaked from the lab. Most likely by an infected technician or scientist.

  13. Daszak is probably the guy who came up with the “Take a bat home for the weekend” scheme.

  14. He organised the letter to the Lancet last year which dismissed the theory, and led the ‘task force’ which investigated it in China. At no point did he say, or was it pointed out, that he fucking funded the research.

    A colossal conflict of interest and no-one seemed bothered. Well, they wouldn’t would they? Trump had mentioned the “leak” theory so they immediately opposed it. The alternative, keeping an open mind or even investigating it, was unthinkable once the Bad Orange Man had spoken.

    I think this childish herd-thinking is even more dangerous than the virus. We can recover from a virus; we are in deep shit if this is how science operates now.

  15. WKPD: Daszak earned a B.Sc. in Zoology in 1987 at Bangor University and a Ph.D. in parasitic infectious diseases in 1994 at University of East London. …
    Daszak worked at the School of Life Sciences, Kingston University, in Surrey, England in the 1990s.

    He certainly managed to parlay an undistinguished start in academic life into a burgeoning career in the US. Does anyone smell a rat?

  16. @BIND: I’ve always been a fan of Ridley’s science writing so I’m disappointed to see that he had originally rejected the lab leak hypothesis on no evidence at all.

    P.S. I’d have chaired Northern Rock better than him, too.

  17. @ dearieme
    That might just be Ridley ensuring it’s on the record that he was in the correct Orange Man Bad camp at the appropriate time.

  18. Daszak is at the core of the whole “conspiracy”/controversy…

    Any statement he makes should be under oath as a defendant before an investigative committee.
    Not that it would help *much*, but it would at least make his position in this clear to the average idort.

  19. “we are in deep shit if this is how science operates now.”

    Its how science has operated for several decades now. Especially in the politicised bits of it, such as climate ‘science’ and now virology. The two go very well in hand, both are largely unfalsifiable. You can’t run another earth as a control to see what would have happened, nor can you run another pandemic to try out different ways of coping. So whatever happens the ‘experts’ can always say one of ‘You didn’t do what we said, thats why everything went wrong’ or ‘If you hadn’t done what we said it would have been 10 times worse’. On the off chance the politicians ignore their dire prognostications but nothing happens they just keep quiet about it and no-one seems to bother pointing it out, as they’re just pleased there wasn’t a crisis. As in ‘Professor’ Ferguson’s previous N attempts at modelling pandemics.

  20. A decent rule of thumb is to take a look at various assertions in this flu debacle made by Mr. Trump to get to the truth. His views on non-exotic medicines being useful in fighting the Wuhan Flu are coming into increased acceptance, quietly and without fanfare. His insistence that COVID came from a Chinese lab will ultimately be verified.

  21. Saw an article that pointed out a lot of the public health and virology and pharmaceutical people have been expecting a pandemic for the last few years on the ‘we are overdue one’ basis so we’re very quick to jump on the bandwagon this time after the previous SARS outbreak fizzled out on them. People with a hammer are always looking for a nail or anyhthing they can call a nail

  22. BniC, The virologists are essentially right. Including the fact about the “near future”, and things being “overdue”.

    The things non-scienists and busybodies don’t understand is that “near-future” is measured in hundreds, if not thousands, of years, and “overdue” means we’ve been at the lucky end of the tombola and that Things can Change.

    Like anything where science has been dumbed down into a graph, it pays to pay attention to the scale of the axis…

  23. Baron Jackfield

    I tend to lounge around the local library. The staff are nice people. Naturally I wouldn’t wish to cause them trouble.

    So yes. That’s the way it works.

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