Who couldn’t see this one coming?

It comes as several Russell Group universities are training scholars on “cisgender privilege”, where people whose birth sex aligns with their current gender identity are said to enjoy structural advantages in British society.

In diversity training documents, Newcastle University tells staff: “Being cisgender comes with social privilege. That’s even for people who are socially disadvantaged in other ways.” Imperial College and LSE also remind lecturers to use their “cis” and “gender-straight privilege” to be trans allies.

The demands just keep increasing, don’t they? If privilege then the insistences upon reverse discrimination can’t be far behind….

17 thoughts on “Who couldn’t see this one coming?”

  1. At least they’re being honest that the ambition is to drag the majority down to their level rather than provide additional support to the disadvantaged minority.

  2. “We’re doomed.”

    Alternatively – as the list of “victims” continues to grow – “God, I must be good”…..

  3. So, ‘microinsults’ joins the Lexicon of Whinge. Is that for those comments that don’t quite make it across the line of ‘micro aggression’..?

  4. They are right. There are clear advantages to being cis-gendered in our society. You don’t have to suffer ridicule, you don’t have to re-learn a whole lot of new rules about sitting, speaking, pronouns, etc., you don’t have to wonder about the advantages of having a surgeon mess with your bits, and you don’t have to jockey for position in the oppression olympics.

    I saw these advantages, and took them. It always seems like the smart thing to do; if there’s an advantage, and it doesn’t harm anyone else, take it.

  5. Purge these socialist scum out of the Unis. Sack then sans pension and compo. That would be a good use of Bogus Blojob Johnson’s emergency powers. But he is BlueMarxist scum who is on their side.

    No more Tory voting ever. We must assemble a real alternative or lose the war.

  6. Mark in Mayenne

    I’m beginning to think I must be suffering from normal privilege. OMG I’m normal, what a disaster. Better fix that.

  7. “Cis” is morphing into “average” before our eyes.
    I am cis-limbed (4), cis-brained, cis-kidneyed, cis-pretty-much-everything and I enjoy the structural advantage. So I am a social oppressor of people with below average gall bladders.

  8. I hope to God that a trans staff member uses those “micro-insults” toward another trans person. I just want to see what happens.

  9. A Love Island spin off with m>f and f>m contestants might be fun to watch, especially the prize giving part.

  10. The trans bunch complain ‘cos-gender’ people won’t date them, I wonder what their feelings are on dating each other?

  11. So… being normal (as defined by >95% of a population) is “being privileged” now… check.. Going to have fun with that one… 3:)

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