Who is going to tell Winnie about colloquial meanings?

Beijing seeks to add Atlantic base to its ‘String of Pearls’ network

Well, yes, OK. Although someone might want to tell Winnie the Pooh about colloquialisms in certain languages.

7 thoughts on “Who is going to tell Winnie about colloquial meanings?”

  1. I didn’t get the reference even though i had a book given to me once which i did read, called the Tao of Pooh, explaining taoism via 100 acre wood.

  2. I understand that A A Milne’s books are banned in China after someone reported the startling physical similarity between Pooh Bear and Xi Jin Ping Pong, and Piglet, Mole, and Ratty were last seen being taken on a guided tour of Wuhan wet market.

  3. One of my nephews’ nickname was “chui sai” (sp???) which was explained to me as meaning “little pig” as he was the baby of the family. It was only a few years later I suddenly realised they meant “piglet”.

  4. Chris miller- thank you very much. I’m very into retaliatory giving. This will do nicely.

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