The ambition is a fully circular economy,

8 thoughts on “Why?”

  1. ? If recycling were perfect, 100%, you could stand still in a ‘circular’ way perhaps.

    But from where would you source the expensive metals for 500 million EV and 100 trillion batteries for when the wind isn’t blowing?

    That’s all new requirement, and is going to need some really big mines. Should make the Greens happy.

  2. Because circular economies are the latest “must have” fashion. One day, if we’re lucky, an understanding of Econ 101 will become fashionable.

  3. The First Decree of the Green New Deal will be to abolish the Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    Total freedom awaits, comrades!

  4. Dennis, Climate-Change Denying Fruitcake

    The green energy revolution is heavily reliant on raw materials, such as cobalt and lithium, which are currently mainly sourced by mining. We must carefully evaluate acceptable supplies for these metals to ensure that green technologies are beneficial for both people and planet.

    And what if there aren’t enough “acceptable” supplies? What then?

  5. Green Revolution: new technologies spontaneously and voluntarily replace current because they have something better to offer. Enforced replacement of current technology at great expense with older technology, enforced because it is less efficient and offers less not more, was when last tried called the Bolshevik Revolution or Chinese version, the Great Leap Forward.

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