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Wokeism gone mad I tell ‘ee

The Rugby Football Union has stopped using the nickname “Saxons” for one of its senior England representative teams after it was deemed inappropriate, given the sport’s drive “to reflect the diversity in society”.

Presumably “English” is still OK. For the moment at least.

26 thoughts on “Wokeism gone mad I tell ‘ee”

  1. Apparently they’re calling the team ‘England A’, which was what they called it before trying to ‘brand’ it IIRC.

    I don’t see this name lasting; the letter A comes from the Roman alphabet. The Romans were not only colonialists but slavers. This heritage should not stand.

  2. I understand Cornish players refused to play under the name. They claim to be Celts, not Saxons.
    But the Celts supplanted the Beaker Folk so – er, oh dear, We Are All Guilty.

  3. How can “England” be safe, as it is named for the Angles?

    And Saracens? Is that woke? Or cultural appropriation….?

  4. I remember a tour match against the Maori’s and yep i thought they were all maoris, and it made sense they won and even only with moaris in the side they could beat us. Only when they named the saxons the saxons much much later i thought oh they were the reserves?

  5. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    How are the Washington No-Skins doing?

    Don’t know, don’t care. You couldn’t pay me to watch the NFL. Gave up on it years ago. Not so much because of the politics, but because of the (1) endless commercials (making the four hour game a reality) and (2) the rise of the ghetto culture within the game. However, the NFL’s politics will keep me away even if the other two are somehow corrected.

    Not that they will be.

  6. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    Just thought about this: As of Jan. 1, 2020 I haven’t watched a complete NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB game. Haven’t watched any NHL or NBA at all. First time in 15+ years for skipping the NHL. I watched parts of two NFL games because my wife roots for the Steelers. Watched parts of MLB games in 2020 and gave up on it before the season ended. The games last three plus hours and consists of nothing but strikeouts, walks and home runs, which are the three most boring outcomes you can have in an at bat. Haven’t seen a game in 2021. If I don’t watch one it will be the first time since 1967 that I didn’t watch baseball.

    The fact that all four leagues are woke doesn’t change the fact that their base product sucks and is overpriced. I suspect the same is true (or will be true shortly) of wog rugby.

  7. They could always call the team after a bit of England that is believed to have a name of Carthaginian origin, the Isle of Thanet. So they could be the Thaneteers, say. I’ll grant you that the Carthaginians weren’t black but the Guardian and the Beeb would cunningly refer to them as “African”, confident that black people are all too ignorant and stupid to see through that.

    Poor bloody blacks – fated to go through life patronised by those scum.

  8. The ancient Greeks called this land Hyperborea, so perhaps they could be the Hypes or the Bores

  9. Maoris.

    The ones responsible for near genocide on the Moriori just a few short generations ago.

    Yet we are the bad guys as always.

  10. The RFU can’t fuck off enough. Predictably they are twatting about with this bullshit at a time when the most expensive International rugby operation in the world is performing particularly poorly and playing dull as fuck rugby to boot.

  11. A game of Rugby – keeping twenty two (or however many they have decided they are going to have in each team in this particular ‘code’)thugs off the streets on a Saturday afternoon.

    Dennis, do us a favour – In your week in charge of Spurs tell Levy to either put some money into the team or fuck off (actually, just tell him to fuck off).
    Also, tell Dele that when being asked how he intends to improve his performance, him saying he is going to change from ‘Dreads’ to ‘Afro’ doesn’t cut it.

  12. Dennis, Oops... The Spurs' Latest Ex-Manager

    Also, tell Dele that when being asked how he intends to improve his performance, him saying he is going to change from ‘Dreads’ to ‘Afro’ doesn’t cut it.

    Dele Alli wouldn’t be Dele Alli if he knew what he was doing.

  13. I thought the Saxons were an excellent example of a poor minority of immigrants adding superb diversity to a backward society recently deprived of Italian enlightenment.

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