Agree to sign up but never do it

The UK signed up to take Northern Ireland out of the UK single market. No one forced it to. It could have done no deal with Europe. But it chose to have a deal. This was part of that deal. The UK chose to split its single market, leaving Northern Ireland in the European market.

The UK now seeks to deny this, saying Northern Ireland must be in the UK single market. That is impossible under the terms of the deal it signed with the EU.

The EU say the deal was written in English to make sure we understood it. We must honour it as it was written. The demand is entirely reasonable.

This all being entirely different from signing up to the euro – say, a newly independent Scotland, or a Britain that returns – but never actually doing it. For to do it would mean we couldn’t use MMT and that would be horrible.

To the P³ keeping your word depends on the utility of doing so……

14 thoughts on “Agree to sign up but never do it”

  1. The Eu insistence on not having a land border with a non-EU state was and is a nonsense. The Norway-Sweden border must be twenty times as long as the NI_Eire border, not to mention borders with Belorussia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland, Morocco, Monaco, Leichstenstein…

  2. Would have thought Andorra’s a fine example of countries the EU’s happy to accommodate when it suits it. Not a member of the EU yet tariff free for agricultural & manufactured goods. Curiously, Andorrans must smoke a lot. Tobacco products are the main manufactured product. They even grow one or two plants in country I believe. Maybe on a windowsill at the trade ministry. Good place to buy fags if you’re driving up from Barca towards Toulouse though. Also runs itself as a tax haven with a banking sector bigger than its own economy.
    Oh. Did I mention Macron’s co-President?

  3. “…not to mention borders with Belorussia, Ukraine, Serbia, Turkey, Switzerland, Morocco, Monaco, Leichstenstein…”

    Last time I looked at it, EU countries had more than 40 land borders with non-EU countries.

    And I only stopped counting at 40 because I got bored…..

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    Andorra’s tobacco is said to be disgusting and they used to import foreign tobacco to make the cigs they sell duty free. Then there were international complaints so they agreed they could only sell as much foreign tobacco as they produced locally. It won’t come as a surprise to readers in these parts to learn an industry growing local tobacco and then burning it sprung up.

    I don’t know if it’s still the case.

  5. The UK signed up to the deal.
    Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay in the EU. Northern Ireland and Scotland should have special deals with the European Union.
    Boris is just playing extremist nationalism. The people of Northern Ireland WANTED to stay in the EU.
    The European Union is vital for Europe. We need a strong and united Europe.
    A weak and divided Europe could become a proxy battle ground for the future superpowers like India and China. Europe should stay united.
    Look at regions like Africa, South East Asia, the Middle East and South America to see what happens to weak divided regions. And NATO and the EU are needed for political and army unity for the West.
    The Chinese and Indians will dominate the next century so the West needs to stay united to not suffer as the victims of superpowers
    I prefer democratic India to despotic China. But being the victims of superpowers will not end well.

  6. Tom Ivor Jones

    Presumably a spoof post? What is the EU going to use to combat China’s army? Red Tape?

  7. Just remembered. Not a land border but the EU shares a frontier with Canada, doesn’t it?

  8. Tom Ivor Jones
    Most of what you’ve written regarding the EU is at best debatable, but to follow your logic we should absolutely leave the slow growth, high regulated and weak EU and sign up with the US if we want to survive the coming century.

  9. @Tom Ivor Jones
    Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay in the EU
    That’s not what happened. NI and Sco voted for the UK to stay in the EU. Damned near pulled it off too. If they’d collectively voted 75:25 for your side you would have won.

  10. We must honour it as it was written.

    Why though?

    Is this what the NI want? That, to me, would seem to be the key determiner. What do the NI want followed by what the rest of the UK wants.

  11. Tom Jones: We need a strong and united Europe.
    I might buy that one, if your strong (whether united or not) Europe hadn’t deliberately decided to become dependent on Russian natural gas. So much for strength. Well, I suppose Frau Merkel has always been sympathetic to the Comintern.

  12. Had the Germans supported the French and adopted their version of the Messmer plan, they’d be able to keep themselves free of Russian gas. They could also have helped Ukraine to keep the other three reactors at Chernobyl working, and perhaps allowed it to avoid the civil war. Instead of wasting money on that idiot sarcophagus.

    Having some NI ancestry (Orangemen I hope) I naturally think the sea border should be scrapped and, if the EU want a customs barrier, they can install one at their expense.

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