It is antidemocratic. Its aggression towards The Good Law Project is evidence of that.

The Good Law Project could be about the rule of law. Could even be about civil liberty. But what it’s not about is democracy.

This being an important distinction. Democracy is indeed that method by which we select those who make the laws that are the rules. But civil liberty is in fact the insistence that there are things not to be democratically decided. Governments, whatever their electoral support, don’t get to do this to us – that’s the very point of the civil liberty thing.

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  1. AFAIAA There are two sorts of Law in the UK. The Common Law which is, if you like, God’s law, to which we are all subject, even and especially those that presume to rule us – Sovereigns and Governments. And the rules of which are discovered by judges (not ‘made’ has some have it). This defines lawfulness. Then there’s statute law which is what lawmakers – i.e governments do. (To massive excess IMHO). That’s the democratic bit of lawmaking.

    So just WTF is the idiot on about?

  2. Dennis, On The Front Lines Fightin' Them Chlorinated Chickens

    Richard Murphy’s post is proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome has crossed the Atlantic and mutated into something very English.

    And, much as it was in ‘Merica, Trump (now Johnson) Derangement Syndrome tends to affect those with a lot of time on their hands and not a lot to do.

  3. I went and read his blog post. That’s another ~5 minutes of my life I won’t get back. What. A. Plonker. (Me for wasting my time. He for being him)

  4. Mr VA,
    I don’t usually bother with his crap but succumbed this time. It is actually bat shit crazy. Allusions to the rise of Hitler, control of the media, England colonising the rest of the UK, the over throw of democracy, neoliberalism something something. It’s not tinfoil hat time, it’s like him and his cronies are living in the Alcan factory.
    One of them said he posted it on Farceberk with the comment “ Deeply felt, detailed (and justified) criticism of the Johnson project, showing it up as an English version of Trumpism.”. Detailed! Justified! Trump! Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey but some people should be in jacket that does up at the back for their own good.

  5. The P³ seems to see Boris Johnson as a Bond villain. Presumably because he sees himself as Bond.

  6. Why is the blighted Potato not railing against the kimono-clad cvnt who runs Good Law – he is, after all, a notorious tax avoidance barrister?

  7. Diogenes

    ‘That whole post was a record of a mind in disintegration’

    That did make me laugh out load. The unkind would question whether there was in any sense a coherent whole to begin the disintegration process. As with so many of his utterances it seems to be a selection of half-demented sweepings from the mind of a lunatic

  8. It is a bit like pointing and laughing in Bedlam, and if he were just strutting about thinking he’s Napoleon, that wouldn’t be very nice. However his demented ideas do have traction in some quarters, and even attract funding, so pointing and laughing is only right and proper.

  9. What strikes me reading the full article in the Atlantic (note to Ed – Tim I know your policy about posting links from TRUK directly but is one form ‘The Atlantic’ ok? I’ll err on the side of caution – it’s in Spud’s post ‘One day this nightmare will end. I have no idea when this will be’)

    Is that he is precisely the kind of opponent described by the journalist. His hatred of Boris (and like several commentators here my regard for Boris has been severely lowered in so far as it’s the memory of his defeat of Livingstone and Corbyn that leads me to think he is simply vacillating – even with that caveat this is the worst government in recorded history by a very wide margin thanks to lockdown) blinds him to any consideration of why he was and is popular. He is the opponent being described, rather like a close relative of mine too blinded by his distaste and consideration Johnson is a ‘fascist’ to see why anyone might disagree with him…

  10. Theophrastus (2066)

    For electoral democracy to work, it needs the rule of law, an independent judiciary and media, and some consultation with (or other representation of) minority interests. The latter underpin the former; but the latter should set the limits of the former, not over-rule it.

  11. Theophrastus (2066)

    Boris Derangement Syndrome arrived with Brexit Derangement Syndrome c.2016. Sufferers see pinko Boris as a populist, fascist, Trumpist….Quite weird.

  12. Allusions to the rise of Hitler, control of the media, England colonising the rest of the UK, the over throw of democracy

    Which is very weird since he’s been all for fascism – the control of the private sector (indeed, everything private) by the state – for years and years, and for ditching democracy every time the people choose a course of action he disapproves of.

  13. It’s always a “fun” mental excercise to imagine what would happen if the Other Side ( in this case P³) has the board and his way…

    Ok.. That’s a good script for a dystopian horror setting..
    P³ himself would be sanctified ( with the appropriate requirement.. ) pretty soonish, but the rats that would take over the wheel after him…

    Remember.. The Russians wanted Marx… What they got was Stalin..

  14. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ Remember.. The Russians wanted Marx… What they got was Stalin..”

    They wanted rid of the Czar, the average peasant didn’t have a clue about all the manoeuvres of the Bolsheviks, Mensheviks, Marxists, Anarchists and the rest,, nor have a choice, they just wanted a peaceful life.

  15. Boris Derangement Syndrome arrived with Brexit Derangement Syndrome c.2016. Sufferers see pinko Boris as a populist, fascist, Trumpist….Quite weird.

    What makes it even more weird (as I’ve had cause to comment on several of Parris’s Times articles) is that Boris has always been on the left wing of the Conservative party – he’d have been a member of the Bow Group, back in the day – with the sole exception of his attitude to Europe (based on more experience than most politicians). But that ‘flaw’ damns him forever in the eyes of those suffering from BDS.

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