Amusingly late to the party

The root cause of pandemics – the destruction of nature – is being ignored, scientists have warned.

The argument then going on to be well, everyone should spend tens of billions $ the way we want.

Except the pandemic wasn’t caused by the violation of nature, was it? Rather. the violation of good sense….meaning that the answer is to stop humans being stupid, a much more difficult task.

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  1. Only two weeks late, give them a break. Two weeks ago you were regarded as a crank if you suggested the Wuhan Virology lab had anything to do with the virus. You’d have been banned from facebook et al, doxed and condemned as a conspiracy theorist.

  2. Ignoring the specifics of where Sars-Cov-2 came from, the claim that we get pandemics because “we’re destroying nature” rather smacks of 18th century religious attitudes that set “Man” apart from the rest of the world. In reality humans, their cities and their technologies are as much part of nature as termite mounds and wasps’ nests. It just that as a species homo sapiens is a lot more flamboyant in its creations.

  3. Vaccinating children, in my view, is unnecessary. Even if they catch the disease they are unlikely to get very ill. For them it’s a bug comparable to the common cold.
    Many of them have probably had the disease and recovered, often without realising the cause of a transient episode.
    Natural immunity is better than immunity by injection, being broader spectrum, and longer lasting. That is hard to test for, but acquired immunity can be determined by an antibody test, for example, here:
    (There are others.)
    Insisting on jabbing the population not at risk and denying an opt out from acquired immunity just adds a small probability of a bad outcome with no added protection. The government is pursuing a herd immunity strategy by stealth, against the spirit of the Nuremberg code.

  4. We get pandemics when the WHO redefine what constitutes a pandemic after lobbying and pressure from vested interests and Governments.

    In the same way ‘cases’ which formerly meant disease serious enough to warrant hospitalisation, was changed to detection of viral dandruff by PCR test not designed to detect disease, carried out on healthy people and run analysed in a manner virtually guaranteed to be positive in most people.

    Masks were considered non-effective by the WHO who then changed their tune by redefining how the virus was transmitted, almost exclusively by droplets where there is no such evidence to support this and evidence to indicate it is spread by aerosol and contact – not least because despite use of masks it did nothing to reduce the circulation of the virus and deaths.

    So the root cause of pandemics is a global alliance of intersecting and interdependent vested interests. Like climate change.

  5. Dennis, Clear-Eyed As Always

    Rough translation: Some scientists want grant money and political control.

  6. Now about those mice the Chinese were working on in 2018, the ones with the humanised lungs, what possible use could they be in a level 4 lab run by the military?

  7. I am a bit uncomfortable with people tossing about allusions to the spirit of the “Nuremberg code”. The Nuremberg trials were political show trials of people who should probably just have been put against a wall and shot. Isn’t there anywhere a more respectable “code”?

    Or even better, how about simply respecting our own laws, customs, and interests?

  8. Last time I checked the mongolian plains are still classed as “near pristine nature”.
    They are also the source for all that lovely avian flu that can hop to humans.. And the last natural reservoir for Y. Pestis. And…


    Not even going into the math that proves that greater “biodiversity” makes it easier for pathogens to hop species..

  9. Theres a great discussion here about how a group of enormously eminent doctors are trying to promote Invermectin, and how their efforts are being stymied.

    If you think Governments response to Covid has anything to do with medicine I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

  10. Theophrastus (2066)

    When someone speaks about “the root cause”, that someone is usually an axe-grinding leftist.

  11. @BiND: Thats very good article. Which explains why the US state apparatus was working so hard to discredit Trump and anyone who suggested that the virus might have originated in a lab – they were up to their necks in funding exactly this work. They all had/have a vested interest in keeping the lid on what was going on.

    One gets the feeling that the plates are aligning for Fauci to be thrown under the bus on this one, plus probably Daszak as well, in order to protect everyone else who is involved, such as the US defence dept, US universities and virology labs. Its very odd that all these damning emails have suddenly been released under FOIA requests, one would suspect if they wanted to protect Fauci they would have been litigated for decades, rather like the Hilary Clinton ones. It looks like he’s being thrown to the wolves to save everyone else.

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