Angry Wimmins!

The history of the pill is just one fascinating episode in this richly detailed, wide-ranging and enraging history of how conventional medicine has pathologised, dismissed and abused women from antiquity to the present. A male-dominated medical establishment, influenced by religious, cultural and political ideas about women’s bodies – particularly with regard to sexuality and reproduction – has inflicted immeasurable suffering on women and girls, often with a sense of righteous zeal.

Well, yes, now compare and contrast with when the wimmins are put in charge. Try getting pain relief out of a British midwife for example. Doncha know that pain is natural?

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  1. “Try getting pain relief out of a British midwife” They’ll rent you a TENS machine!

  2. A male-dominated medical establishment has inflicted immeasurable suffering on men and boys too, over the centuries.

    It was probably some time early in the 20th century that doctors started doing more good than harm.

  3. What male-dominated medical establishment? 65% of NHS medics are female, and rising.

    The greatest liberation of women has been control of their own fertility – and that’s cast as immeasurable suffering? Lions! With Lasers!

  4. Oh, and the control of their fertility is the very thing that has allowed 65% of the NHS to be women! HTF do these morons think women would be able to become doctors if their bodies were being destroyed by sprogging every 18 months? These people really do want us to return to neolithic destitution, where they’ll be complaining about this new-fangled idea of resisting being eaten by tigers.

  5. Women take control but how terrible it is that they have to bear any of the cost.
    The idea is that the option of celibacy is intolerable so an alternative must be created that grants women all the freedom they want and imposes all the costs on men.
    But the *big* flaw in her argument about “the patriarchy” imposing on women is that hormonal contraception is one available alternative among many and women choose whether or not to use it.

  6. We need something so that women and girls can have enjoyable sex whenever they want, and not get pregnant. Except when they want to, of course. And it’s got to have absolutely no side effects or even feel unnatural. And it’s got to be free for all women and girls. And it mustn’t be talked about in an embarrassing way, and it’s got to be compatible with the cultural practices of ethnic minorities.

    And invented and developed by women.

    What’s so difficult about that?

  7. “It was probably some time early in the 20th century that doctors started doing more good than harm.”



    Unnecessary mastectomies?

    Botched plastic surgery? (Yep, I’m a devotee of ‘Botched’.

  8. @Witchie We’ll soon be able to add unnecessary vaccinations to the list. Particularly to young children.

  9. “conventional medicine has pathologised, dismissed and abused women”

    “Pathologists” here meaning “treated as a serious medical condition”; “dismissed” meaning “not taken serious a medical condition”. So which is it?

  10. Come on Richard… It’s a Wymyn shouting buzzword-salad in the Guardian… And you expect logical consistency? 😛

  11. Witchie

    And then there are proton pump inhibitors

    “Although PPIs have had an encouraging safety profile, recent studies regarding the long-term use of PPI medications have noted potential adverse effects, including risk of fractures, pneumonia, Clostridium difficile diarrhea, hypomagnesemia, vitamin B12 deficiency, chronic kidney disease, and dementia.” Mayo Clinic

    Having an on-going battle with my wimin GP over my refusing to take them long term.

  12. @Witchie: you can add Ancel Keys high carb low fat diets as the solution to heart disease to your list. Thats killed millions, and despite even ‘the science’ saying its bollocks the medical profession still pump out the same ‘advice’.

  13. Yes modern medicine has made errors.
    But always return to “compared to what”?
    You prefer no antibiotics?
    You prefer no ultrasound guided needle biopsies? And their interpretation?
    Tamoxifen is a bigger risk than returning breast cancer somewhere else?
    You prefer to die of a throat cancer because you don’t want to take a PPI?
    MRI’s and PETscans are useless?
    And so on..

    Point is, you have the choice.

  14. Diogenes – “They offer, from memory, n20, epidurals, TENS.” yeah they do. but TENS should be clearly flagged as Placebo only, which it isn’t. They also offer water births as a natural pain relief and home births where epidurals off the table. Arguably more in response to mum requests than suggested by midwives but i’d say 1st time mum 2bs (virgin mums?) are more susceptible.

  15. You can add this to the long list of feminist complaints of the “this a problem that only impacts women, why haven’t men fixed it yet?” genre.

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