Bit weird

England don’t normally play when there’s a Lions tour on, do they?

England A might go somewhere, but England not so much?

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  1. Yep they do – be crazy not to take the opportunity to find out about a few new lads when you can’t be blamed for not selecting your best side.

    In 2001 for instance they toured the US and Martin Corry left the tour to join the Lions. (That touring side also included future RWC winners Josh Lewsey, Kyran Bracken, Lewis Moody, Ben Kay, Graham Rowntree, and Dorian West, so it wasn’t a development XV or anything like that.)

  2. Ah, no, rather, I hear reports that someone called England were playing last night and that can’t be right…..

  3. EUFA were nagging beforehand, no anti-German singing, no “Ten German Bombers..” etc.
    So England win. Two Nil. Ha!

    Two Nil, Two Nil, Two Nil….
    Not antigerman singing at all, just the score, officer!

    Almost enough to suspect there is a God, and that she has a wicked sense of humour!

  4. There were some very loud noises from the pub down the road, so I assumed there was a game on. Ice hockey, perhaps.

  5. Bloke in North Dorset

    I was volunteering as a safety driver for disabled sailing yesterday. We have 2 types of boats:

    Hansas are designed to allow disabled sailors to sail themselves or with another person alongside, either able bodied or with other disabilities.

    Hawkes, which are basically very big dinghies sailed by 2 experienced able bodied sailors and used to take disabled people on trips around Portland Harbour. These have radios and small outboard engine for emergencies so we’re there mostly for the Hansas.

    Anyway, one of the Hawkes was taking out a young lass (about 18 I guess but with mental age of about 5) and they’d told her how to summon help if it was needed and that she could help us test the system. So after about 5 minutes she started blowing the whistle and waving her arms. When we arrived at high speed to help she was really pleased with herself.

    After about 30 minutes she started again so we went across and she was beside herself with excitement and it took a couple of minutes and a bit of encouragement to calm he down so that she could tell us the football score. She was a bit disappointed that neither I now my crew got excited, but she soon cheered up as the wind had dropped and we had to tow them in.

    (One of the Hansa sailors was a serious sailor until he had a stroke. He had to learn almost everything scratch: eg eating and drinking and he’s still in a wheel chair. The one thing he never forgot was how to sail)

    I always count my blessings after those sessions.

  6. An Irish and British soccer team would be quite something.
    Would reduce injuries and burn-out too for all the little age-group sub-country level teams currently playing too on international weekends. I mean what is the point of missing training with coaches that care about you at a Conference team in order to play a competitive match and then put ‘U-21 Scotland international’ on your CV.

  7. The entirety of the prime 08:10-08:30 slot on Toady was taken up by footie, as was almost all the sports report immediately following it (brief mention of Wombledon at the end). Of Cavendish’s (aka the Manx Missile) stunning stage victory in Le Tour, there was nary a peep.

  8. Wales plays and only story on BBC is are you allowed to cheer in pubs, England plays wall to wall BBC website coverage.
    Still at least the presenters were diverse I’m sure

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