The £70.7bn drug maker was the world leader in vaccines and, importantly for the Government, it was British.

But, when Sir Patrick Vallance, the Government’s chief scientific adviser, made the call to his former colleague and GSK boss, Dame Emma Walmsley, he was turned down.

Now, more than a year later, Dame Emma may be regretting that decision.

Bird who refused to make a vaccine is a Dame. Bird who led world beating performance – for free – to make a vaccine is a Dame.

We demand action – Countess Bingham of Wuhan at the very least, if not Marchioness in her own right.

5 thoughts on “Datum”

  1. I’d wait and see a few years before making the decision as to who made the right decision, Glaxo or AstraZeneca about getting into the covid vaccine business in partnership with the State. If (as I suspect) the spike protein vaccines will cause a large rise in vascular related medical issues (clots, heart attacks and strokes mainly) over the coming years, then being the ‘face’ of vaccines may not be something you want to crow about so much.

  2. The lass is being patted on the back for her role in producing and buying the them PDQ. It makes no sense to hold her responsible for whether or not the damn things are adequately safe. That was other buggers’ work.

    Given the intellectual standards displayed by “Science” so far in this rigmarole I wouldn’t bet on the “vaccines” being as safe as I’d like.

  3. Yeah GSK didn’t have an existing flu vaccine, think they’tried but had given up so said no, we’re not the druggies you’re looking for, on that basis. In a way vindicated somewhat because when they eventually did say yes, theirs didn’t pass the trial.

  4. Over 1,200 vaccine related fatalities in the U.K. so far yet we don’t see those numbers being bandied around by the media, scaremongering only goes one way

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