Ecks was in the spam trap

No, dunno why…..

4 thoughts on “Ecks was in the spam trap”

  1. Spam trap rules these days are so horribly complex it’s impossible to determine what would get caught. That’s part of the plan of course – if the rules were known they could be gamed.

  2. Spam trap doesn’t seem to like properly formatted hyperlinks, (the [a href =”hyperlink”] text [/a] type ), and it doesn’t like youtube.

    A youtube link in proper tags, or multiple youtube links as text ( or multiple links altogether) tend to be sent to the Basket Case folder. Any site with an agressive/interruptive Privacy landing page, really.

    At least that’s what I’ve noticed in the past months.

    Ecks’ post would have two hard redirects ( plus gods-know-what-else ) with those youtube links.. A strict spam filter without an exception for youtube would have sent them straight to the holding pen.

    just my two eurocents.

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