That Oxfam report on global warming damages. Entire nonsense.

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  1. That Oxfam report on global warming damages. Entire nonsense.

    You’re the one that believes this “Warble Gloaming” bollocks Timmy (at least nominally), not us.

  2. Hey Tim, not wishing to be harsh, but perhaps you could start talking to the folks at the GWPF to discover the truth about the scam and put your idea of a carbon tax in the bin where it belongs.

  3. How about you bother to actually understand my position?

    The idiots are going to do something, nothing we say or shout is going to change that. So, let’s at least try and get them to do the efficient and least cost thing, not the most, eh?

  4. I’m sorry, you are trying to be pragmatic, but more you pander to their delusion the more they are sure they are right and that there definitely is a price to pay.
    Telling us your solution means we’ll only pay 5% extra instead of 10% extra is not a lot of comfort when the problem is imaginary and we shouldn’t be paying anything extra.

  5. Why is a famine relief organisation getting involved in anything to do with global warming?

    Is it because we don’t have famines any more?

  6. It’s because the foreign travel (and refugee sex-slave scam) is all blocked.
    So they need a famine closer to home.
    This zero-carbon bolleaux will damn quick give us one.

    “The idiots are going to do something, nothing we say or shout is going to change that”
    But we do get to influence what they do.
    And swinging from a lamp-post sounds about right.

  7. We have about 980 million people in the world who don’t have access to electricity and about 730 million living in extreme poverty (less then $1.8 per day). Oxfam doesn’t appear to give a shit about these people.

  8. Who cares what the report writers pretend is their methodology? It is a scare story to sell insurance.

  9. DocBud, prior to the Kyoto treaty being signed, someone commented that for the cost of the provisions of that treaty you could provide a roof over the head of every person on the planet and also give them access to clean drinking water. Kyoto achieved nothing but wasted billions of dollars……

    Upton Sinclair and his ‘job depends’ etc. covers everyone in the poverty / famine / global warming industries.

  10. The mistake is seeing this as an economic discussion. It isn’t. It’s idealogical. These people are determined to bring down the capitalist system & the market economy & replace it with a command economy socialist system. The richer the world is the less chance they have of success. They want a poorer world. So there’s absolutely no point in arguing economics & market forces with them.
    ” swinging from a lamp-post sounds about right.” Tim The Coder has a lot of merit. FFS! Realise you are in a battle for your very existence. Fight don’t debate.

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