Entirely so, entirely so

Why the reference to the wings in re the two major political parties? Are we being asked to envision either of our two major political parties as a bird, an aircraft. If so, each would surely have two matching wings, one on either side of the body/fuselage. Maybe they meant to make an analogy with the sides of an aisle in a room, or the banks of a river as in rive gauche or rive droite, or to those seated on the far left hand side of the room or on the far right hand side of the room from the front? All, implying that there is a body politic made up of members from both parties that is pretty much in the center of wherever. Sounds nice, but has nothing whatsoever to do with today’s politics.

That’s not the correct analogy for today’s politics. No, instead, it’s those menstrual products with wings. The smaller bits either side of the bleedin’ cu…..

4 thoughts on “Entirely so, entirely so”

  1. Political parties do indeed have two wings. There are left-wing Labour and right-wing Labour, left-wing LibDems and right-wing LibDems, left-wing Conservatives and right-wing Conservatives.

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    I’m not flush with cash thanks to Coughageddon but sent a cheeky tenner.

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  3. “Each would surely have two matching wings, one on either side of the body/fuselage”

    Given that both major parties are utter shite, one might hope that the wings are of markedly different sizes and/or aerodynamic profiles. The ensuing uncontrollable spiral turns should lead them both to a smouldering demise…

  4. Today’s political aircraft has one wing… on the left.

    Which is why we are spiralling to the ground, unnoticed by the passengers distracted by hot towels being handed out and free drinks.

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