Erm, hellooo?

Bring in Army to solve migrant crisis, former Border Force boss says

You know that liquid bit that goes up and down? Tanks and horses don’t work well there. It’s the other lads you want, with the blue uniforms. The Navy. They too have guns to sink the boats, it’s just their guns float…..

14 thoughts on “Erm, hellooo?”

  1. As anyone who has seen RAF Luton’s Twitter account will tell you, we need the Super Boat Soldiers ( like SAS but with boats).

  2. I think he means the crisis of not getting them processed and settled and on benefits quickly enough.

  3. It doesn’t look like a shortage of people, but of political will. Bringing in the military won’t help with that (unless they’re saying that the Border Force won’t obey orders).

  4. This crisis is the state’s creation. They are importing our replacements. Bring in anybody–Billy Smart’s Circus if you like–it wont make any difference. It is who we need to be rid of –not who might be brought in.

    While we have a country of fools who believe bogus pandemic bullshite and willingly take dangerous liquid lies in a daze if state arse-kissing nothing useful will be done about the imports.

  5. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Modern armed forces exist to protect the nation’s borders?

    Pull the other one!

  6. The defined need here being inexpensive to operate drones.

    The army has relatively inexpensive ones based on the need for short range surveillance over ground troops suitable for the job. The RAF has expensive ones which carry bombs over long ranges for engaging enemy forces – which isn’t currently the required tasks. The RN (the blue bob up and down ones) currently only have the small Puma involved in trials, and no medium or large ones at all.

    Perhaps you should write to the 1st Sea Lord.

  7. Send in the clowns!

    Why anyone imagines that Johnson, Sunak, Patel and Raab (sounds like a firm of dodgy lawyers) might want to actually restrict the flow of invaders is a mystery…

  8. Dunno… The big question is:

    Do the UK Landrats still have artillery with a human-sized bore and enough reach to bridge Dover-Calais?

    Bit noisy as a solution, but would bring the message home after the first batch…

  9. Bloke in North Korea (Limes Germanicus province)

    This is the way the Roman empire fell, innit? Inviting the barbarians in on the theory that they could be turned into Romans?

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