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Many people dream of having a consistent, lucrative passive income. I mean, who doesn’t want a little more money, right? Cash back apps, coupons, credit card rewards, these all offer a little bit of $$$, but times are changing. Monetizing your personal data could well become the most lucrative source of passive income for people.

XXX is on a mission to help people take back control of their data while making money from it.

It isn’t going to work, is it?

Two reasons.

1) The data’s not worth much. A few dollars per month per person. Because that’s the revenue that Fbook and Google get, a few dollars per month per person.

2) The individual data is worth even less than this. Because it’s the database that’s worth money. Therefore considerable amounts of the revenue flow to the people who collate, not the owners of each individual datum.

4 thoughts on “From a PR email”

  1. Hmmm.. Not entirely.. Your data can be worth a lot if it is used without your permission, or “mishandled”/lost.

    Of course, that system is set up so that you will never see a single penny of the fines involved, but it’s worth a ton to the Ambulance Chaser crowd…

  2. You do remind me of the neighbourhood bitch, many years ago. She informed me, God knows why, that THEY could look at me in my house when I was naked.

    I naturally pointed out that, if they were foolish enough to look at me, they suffered the appropriate punishment. They saw me.

    So some data definitely has negative value.

  3. Damn right, Boganboy ! The world has gone mad if you can’t walk around your own house in the buff.

  4. So the idea is that we charge facebook, google, etc. for our data. To which the response will be: “Here’s your 5 cents worth of income from use of your data; our monthly subscription will by $10.”

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