Hancock shagged because Brexit!

The world according to Will Hutton:

After five years, the biggest casualties of Brexit are in plain sight. Integrity and decency in public life are crumbling. Because so much of the case for Brexit is false, the political modus operandi of the Brexiters, now dominating our political culture, has become a refusal to accept responsibility for mistakes, overclaiming, deceit and sometimes outright lies to justify the unjustifiable. Once the electorate can no longer trust what they are told, democratic debate is denied. We have been robbed of a core right of citizenship.

Hancock’s shagging the bird because British public policy is no longer subject to veto by the German Defence Minister.

Well, it convinces the hell outta me.

15 thoughts on “Hancock shagged because Brexit!”

  1. It also explains why the entire eu commission had to resign in disgrace a few years ago.

  2. Willy seems to be ignoring the fact that Hancock was a Remainer.

    I think that Willy might actually be more stupid than the Spud. He (Willy) is lucky that a) he has a subeditor at the Graun and b) he is not profoundly mentally ill.

  3. I am saving the article as an example for my writing students of faux-outraged self-righteous priggishness. Well done Will Hutton, you get a gold star for your homework.

  4. One of Willie’s links, given in evidence of the BREXIT CRISIS, says:

    Government-backed studies have shown that EU migrants do not suppress UK workers’ wages

    Three paragraphs later…

    “However, with many sectors, including hospitality, already struggling to recruit all the staff they need, higher salaries may be required to attract UK workers to fill those roles.”

  5. Orban’s deputy Szajer who attended a gay sex party in Brussels last year. Obviously distressed about Brexit.

  6. “Government-backed studies have shown that EU migrants do not suppress UK workers’ wages”

    They didn’t supress UK wages, they held them static. Which by their definition is “not supressing”.

  7. UK relations with the EU are suffused with hostility and distrust. A new concert of powers to govern the world – the US, the EU, India, China, Russia and Japan – is discussed in Washington, a list that conspicuously does not include “Global Britain”.

    Great. I don’t want us to be part of some “govern the world” group that includes spunking even more money on projects, signing up to things that will bankrupt us and get our citizens shot up by ragheads.

    The lack of global “soft power” has made no difference to Switzerland.

  8. Yeah, but Labour minister John Stonehouse spied for Czechoslovakia, committed fraud, and faked his own death to flee to Australia with his mistress because the UK joined the EEC, so it’s swings and roundabouts.

  9. ‘Willy seems to be ignoring the fact that Hancock was a Remainer.’

    Thanks for proving that Hancock was a secret Brexiteer, Tim.

  10. It was meant to be three million. It is already looking more like five. It could easily turn out to be seven or perhaps even eight million. From tomorrow, as the deadline for applications under the “settled status” scheme expires, we will finally have some clear statistics on just how many people from the European Union are living and working in the UK. One point is already clear, however. The rate of immigration was far higher than anyone realised. There were several million more people here than anyone knew.

  11. To be fair, back in the European heyday people who got caught with their trousers down could be shunted out to some Brussels sinecure until the heat was off. That option is no longer available.

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