How cool

Covid detector gadget can sniff out virus in crowded room in 15 minutes

So it detects when everyone is infected, rather than before?

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  1. Given the reliability of the LFT gadgets I’d rather put my faith in one of those golf ball finders used to detect explosives.
    Unless it’s a dog called Gadget.

  2. Have they tried it in deodorant-and-perfume-laden classrooms with rutty teenagers? Y’know.. actual real-life circumstances..

    Many, if not all, Sniffer-type detectors that work fine in the lab are utterly defeated by that one..

  3. No, no, no. It cannot detect CoVid – that is a disease. Maybe… maybe… it can detect the SARS CoV 2 virus, or particles thereof.

    Ceiling mounted?

    Masks, social distancing are predicated on ‘the science’ which we are told tells us SARS CoV 2 can ONLY be spread by (exhaled) droplet infection, such droplets being 3micron or greater. Since even they must obey gravity, they fall in an arc to ground within 1 metre – hence 1 metre distance rule, or more to be sure. How will they get on the ceiling? Shouldn’t the detectors be on the ground?

    If the answer is air-currents, convection (then that makes masks/distancing useless) but also would require a significant amount of SARS carrying water droplets to circulate to ceiling height, by which time everyone would be infected, so what exactly would they do when the alarm sounds?

  4. When SARS-CoV-2 first appeared the best guess was that it spread via droplets. Investigations over the past year have shown that this is icorrect or incomplete and its main means of spreading is via aerosols, so it will get to the ceiling. This also means that indoors the spread depends very much on ventilation. So the ceiling-mounted detector will detect when someone infections is nearby for long enough. To make use of this you would not mount it in the room where everyone is meeting, but in a lobby where each person must wait a short while. Then when it signals infection is present, you deal with the person who triggered it and thoroughly ventilate the lobby before the next person.

    But note that brief exposure does not normally result in infection, and sustained exposure (e.g. living with an infected person) is not guaranteed to.

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