I am sure Liam Byrne would be delighted

Richard Murphy says:
June 21 2021 at 3:40 pm
On Twitter he makes clear he does believe it – citing Krugman, Summers and Rogoff against MMT

Very worrying

I have invited him to engage

Charles Pooter was actually documentary, just a bit ahead of time, right?

6 thoughts on “I am sure Liam Byrne would be delighted”

  1. The third horseman of the apocalypse, Howard Reed appearing there and saying that Corbyn/ Mcdonnell didn’t believe in MMT, which of course The potato agreed with.

    I think a couple of people here have made the point: If all the government needs to do is create unlimited money, why is he so exercised about raising taxes on the rich? For a professor of economics, basic Finance seems quite beyond him , and any attempt to explain it from people actually working in the Financial Services industry is greeted with ‘shoot the messenger’ – I have said it’s a bit akin to shooting fish in a barrel or taking such a moron to task but while he holds any kind of sway it is crucial to point out just how wrong-headed he is.

  2. Also – as If he could be any more objectionable – check out his short post on ‘White privilege’ where he points to a video on his ‘victimhood’ made by someone who at his career peak earned $3.5 million a year for playing basketball…..

    The adherence to politically correct Hard Left mantras while simultaneously peddling economic ignorance make for a level of odiousness probably unsurpassable….

  3. ” If all the government needs to do is create unlimited money, why is he so exercised about raising taxes on the rich?”

    Easy, he ( and all those like him) are nasty vindictive little shits. They get their kicks from the idea of imposing pain and suffering on those they don’t like.

  4. The difference between Murphy and Pooter was that although Pooter was pompous, vain, over-concerned about his status and ridiculous, he was also a sympathetic character who cared about his family and was obviously a little lost as the times changed out from under him (hence not understanding how his son made money). Murphy’s hypocrisy and nastiness when disagreed with make it very difficult to have any sympathy for him.

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