I keep having to point this out

Another float flops as Made.com shares slump
Shares in online furniture retailer close just under 200p float price, leaving it worth than a fifth less than its expected £1bn valuation

If you sell something for more than it’s worth just after you’ve sold it then you have sold succecssfully. If whatever it is you’re selling soars in value immediately after you’ve sold it then you’ve been unsuccessful, you’ve left money on the table.

Sure, there’s a difference between short and long term and all that. Even so, the price falling immediately after you’ve sold means you got a good price for it, you were successful.

6 thoughts on “I keep having to point this out”

  1. As usual, you have to search for detail which is not readily forthcoming. It seems they did a placing. This means that a number of institutions have taken a large hit. But which institutions? A tender offer, with all of the regulations, is a much more sensible way to do this. Kudos to the company but is this a sign of a market bubble? Institutions buying blind?

  2. TBH, if the markets were not driven by cheap money and halfwitted pension fund managers, who are more concerned with pushing ESG than making money for their customers, dogs like this would get nowhere near an IPO.

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