I wonder which one Melanie?

Of course, it’s possible that the Sussexes believed they were paying the Queen the highest compliment in choosing this name. But it’s hard not to conclude that at least one of them was doing something similar to what my old editor had done — unconsciously and almost reflexively using their baby’s name as a form of manipulative power-play.

I’m finding it very hard to work out which one that could be……

9 thoughts on “I wonder which one Melanie?”

  1. The Spanish king addressed his letter of condolence to the Queen as Lilibet. i was surprised, not by the use of a pet name, but that the letter was made public. However I expect the King actually asked or at least consulted and followed protocol. It was suggested that Harry didn’t ask the Queen about the naming, but I can well believe he did and got a take no exception type reply. The recent history of the sussexes means Her Maj must proceed on the basis every interaction is liable to end up on Oprah’s sofa, a disney special or a divorce financing tell all. And not just to recount private history but to spin it in a way advantageous to their non royal careers and pockets. You also have to ask – were they actually going to respect HM’s wishes on the matter anyway? And so the best course is to reply with the Royal equivalent of “Whatevs”.
    That said good luck to baby Lilibet. Her name is a nice name, out of the very large book of names she got off with one of the better ones.

  2. Unless the editor specially said something like “I’ve named my baby after you, Melanie”, it’s rather arrogant of her to assume that was the only reason for the choice of their child’s name.

  3. Which Sussex*?
    Witch Sussex surely? It’s also one of those fun questions where the answer is in the question e.g. what was Leonardo Da Vinci’s home town, or who was the last German band leader to headline the Royal Albert Hall or what was the name of the young American who was the 9th person to walk on the moon. I’ll stop.

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