Interesting numbers

Lucy Moreton, professional officer for the ISU immigration union, said Border Force was being overwhelmed by the “phenomenal” numbers of illegal migrants now crossing the Channel.

More than 560 reached the UK over the weekend, including 336 in 19 boats on Friday, a record for a single day in 2021, surpassing the previous high of 209 on April 28.

500 over a weekend?

24 thoughts on “Interesting numbers”

  1. Presumably the Frogs are waving them cheerfully off or giving them a tow?

    These are not refugees, they are economic migrants; semi-literate peasants from violent backwards shitholes. None of them bring anything to the UK except a burden. Which will increase the moment they are settled and reach out to their extended families.

    We need to set up an offshore location to process these illegals and ship them back to whatever hole they crawled out of. Don’t give them a second on British soil. Ideally we’d return them to the nearest French beach, sinking their boats and any Frog navy vessel which tries to intervene.

    Of course the quick and nasty solution would be to spend a week sinking every boat as soon as it leaves French waters. People would be less tempted to board the boats when the beach was full of corpses.

    Of course none of this will happen. What we will get instead is the slow death of Britain.

  2. Considering the UK Border Farce allowed 14.6 million foreign nationals into the country whilst I was banned from going to London or seeing my kids last year, what’s the problem with another few hundred?

  3. What MC said – they are not refugees and they are not migrants (with no ‘economic’ in front). They are illegal immigrants and the failure to name them as such should be a stain on the MSM, if it was capable of having an area not already covered with stains to notice…

  4. These are not refugees, they are economic migrants;

    Wrong, they’re hostile foreign invaders and should be treated as such.

  5. There’s coming a point in time when the “refugees” start to realise that with Border Force overwhelmed and all the hotels full that the quality of life that they expected to get will not appear. And when news travels back then the number might die off. But for this country that will be too late as the services and authorities will mismanaging the lot of them and causing no end of problems for the general public as they concentrate on the illegal migrants and not the legal citizens of the country.

  6. If you clapped your hands together delightedly and said “Oh goody, free slaves. Clap them in irons and put them to work.” The following day there would be none. SPQR!

  7. What MC said. But not just what MC said. What MC said, forcibly tattooed on Carrie’s face, so Boris has to look at it every day. Every word of it.

  8. They are “overwhelmed” by 19 boats?

    9,300 staff and an annual budget of £670 million, and they are “overwhelmed” by 19 boats?

  9. Richard, I see what you mean, but don’t forget there are 9,300 x 19 x 12 forms to be filled in and typed in Timess New Roman every day which have to be checked for references to race, gender and religion by teams from the cabinet office and Carrie.

  10. Perhaps it would help if the UK Border Force Illegal Immigrant Rescue Service stopped meeting the French Navy people traffickers half way across the channel. Let’s try the experiment of keeping the boats in harbour and only going out when the survivors are 100 yards (not metres, we’re British) from shore.

  11. @SadButMadLad: the number will never ever die off if we are relying on ‘bad news’ trickling down, because a glance at Tim’s post on the demands for higher appearance fees at the Oklahoma Guilt Trip shows that these people don’t seem able to use reason.

  12. Once landed in UK they need to be beaten up and robbed of any valuables they have before getting a free trip back to their orig 3rd world point of origin.

    We need a fast high capacity aircraft which can make very rapid VTOL landings and expel a 100 at a time quickly and then take off and be gone. Since such an aircraft would also be a militarily useful asset it should not be too big a project.

    In such manner–rapid violation of 3rd world airspace and rapid random drop offs leaving the interlopers back where they started and even poorer–will the migration problem be solved.

  13. An obvious solution is to tow them back to France. No doubt the Frogs would then tow them to England, and both parties would play shuttlecock with them.

    If a boat sank, clearly it’d be the Frogs duty to help their residents. They of course would say the beastly Brits should pick them up. One assumes the bureaucratic squabble would continue until at least the next ice age.

  14. Mr Ecks,

    Strap parachutes to their backs and push them out while flying over their nation of origin. If we have to land in a third-world hellhole, chances are the pilots will be held to ransom until eventually they agree to take twice as many people back to Britain.

  15. As Vetinari said… “Tax the rat farms..”

    There’s a whole set of organisations behind this problem. Most of them definitely not official..
    Deal with them, and see how well peeps can get to any part of Europe from the middle nowhere anywhere else in the world..

  16. If they have arrived here from France we should stick to our international treaty obligations and process them as fleeing from France. If and only if they satisfy that they have fled France do we accept them, otherwise we return them to France.

    And this country is such a racist shithole, clearly there’s no attraction to come here, all these reports are fiction.

  17. These people have shown great determination and resourcefulness to get here. They should be a valuable asset as workers. I can see lots of people feeling threatened by this as they presumably hate the possiblity of competition.

  18. @Charles

    Asylum migrants are less likely to be in employment than individuals born in the UK and other migrant groups. The employment rate among asylum migrants is 51%, compared with 73% for the UK-born. The gap narrows over time but remains present even after more than 25 years of residence in the country.

    Asylum migrants who are employees earn less and work fewer hours than UK-born and other migrant workforces. Asylum migrants earn an average of £9 per hour and £284 per week – 55% less per week than the UK-born and 38% less per hour.

  19. And how are you coping with the “competition” Charlie-boy? I’d bet good money you are some middle class Marxist twat who has almost zero contact with imports but is quite happy for plebs to compete with 20 to a house 3rd world hard-scrabblers.

  20. @RichardT – June 2, 2021 at 9:18 am

    9,300 staff and an annual budget of £670 million, and they are “overwhelmed” by 19 boats?

    All those boxes don’t tick themselves you know!

  21. @ken: asylum migrants are people we accept because we are sorry for them due to what they have suffered or would have suffered. They do not need to justofy their existence. Try looking at the results for economic migrants – those who are merely seeking a better job.

    @Ecks: as someone who has lived abroad I am perfectly happy to compete with anyone. Presumably you are incapable of doing so.

  22. ‘There’s a whole set of organisations behind this problem. Most of them definitely not official.’

    Though Grikath, I’d argue that a very large number are getting money from the taxpayer.

    Trump the Terrible actually solved this one. He cut off the money to the Palestinians and the Houthis. I thought subsidising your enemies was the highest and most sacred duty of Western culture these days.

    Of course Biden has put everything back on the wrong track.

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