Isn’t this just a lovely piece of language?

It’s a problem because it reinforces the same dehumanization of people who seek and have abortions, which the anti-abortion movement relies on for its success.

As the other side of the argument goes, if there weren’t some dehumanisation going on then there wouldn’t be any abortion, would there?

11 thoughts on “Isn’t this just a lovely piece of language?”

  1. author Linda Greenhouse ponders why the same institutions and corporations that have taken a stand on issues like voting rights have often turned a blind eye to abortion rights

    I, for one, can’t wait to hear what Microsoft and Coca-Cola think about the morality of killing children!

  2. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    I, for one, can’t wait to hear what Microsoft and Coca-Cola think about the morality of killing children!

    What they think is this: If they can profit from it, they will be for it… As long as the Chinese Community Party doesn’t object, that is.

  3. The “Salon” writer is concerned that someone might “decimate Roe v Wade” i.e. kill one-tenth of a court case – ironic since he/she/they are keen to kill millions of babies.

  4. I’m not anti-abortion (leave British laws as they are, please) but I am anti-Roe v Wade. It was a horrible case of judges assigning to themselves a right to overturn part of the Holy Constitution in an era of finding excuses in “penumbras, formed by emanations …”.

    One of the judges who voted for it was one of the nastiest pieces of work in Washington. What a pity that he hadn’t been aborted.

    WKPD: “Douglas did not highly value judicial consistency or stare decisis when deciding cases.
    Judge Richard A. Posner, who was a law clerk at the Court during the latter part of Douglas’s tenure, characterized him as “a bored, distracted, uncollegial, irresponsible” Supreme Court justice, as well as “rude, ice-cold, hot-tempered, ungrateful, foul-mouthed, self-absorbed” and so abusive in “treatment of his staff to the point where his law clerks—whom he described as ‘the lowest form of human life’—took to calling him “shithead” behind his back.” Posner asserts also that “Douglas’s judicial oeuvre is slipshod and slapdash, …”.

  5. “Pregnant people’s rights aren’t bargaining chips to be traded for hypothesized political victories, and the political systems and machinations that empower mostly white men to dictate our bodies, lives, families and futures, aren’t a game. They’re a manifestation of white supremacist, patriarchal oppression, with existential consequences for women and pregnant folks…”

    Pregnant people…people who seek and have abortions…women and pregnant folks…

    LOL a feminist who won’t talk about pregnant women.

  6. If abortions are banned, where will the supply of foetal organs for transplanting to the elite come from?

  7. PSSSt Penseivat… You want the cells before they specialise into organs.. It’s the lizard people who want their teensy-tiny hearts for caviar.. 😛

    I still don’t hear Salon call for free, effective, etc.. contraception, which would reduce the abortion “problem” to medical-only, and will put a stop to the economic problem of Poor Women with umpteen children by fathers who have buggered off…
    Can’t stop them shagging, but you sure as hell can stop most of the unwanted result from that shagging..

  8. The column isn’t funny enough to make me think it’s satire, but the gobsmacking stupidity and projection certainly would.

    The pro-abortion side de-humanize the fetus (for obvious reasons), I honestly can’t think of any case where the Pro-Lifers have de-humanized the other side. In fact, they make it a point to pray for women who have abortions.

    And, srsly, do they really wonder why Coca-Cola hasn’t come out in favor of abortion? Is the bubble they live in that tightly sealed?

  9. I thought women who didn’t get abortions were called “mothers”.
    But I’ll have relearn English or something. They are “dehumanised”.
    So “mothers” are less than human. Could explain a lot. Or not.

  10. “If abortions are banned”: what on earth makes anyone equate the overturning of Wade-Roe to an abortion ban?

  11. @Esteban: “I honestly can’t think of any case where the Pro-Lifers have de-humanized the other side”

    Try for example. “Doctor Barnett Slepian is shot to death inside his home in Amherst, New York by an anti-abortion radical. His killing marks the fifth straight year that an abortion-providing doctor in upstate New York and Canada became the victim of a sniper attack.”

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