It’s necessary to prove this contention

We have the power to end this pandemic. We have the technology, materials and productive capacity to vaccinate the world against Covid-19 this year. We can save millions of lives, protect billions of livelihoods and reclaim trillions of dollars worth of economic activity along the way.

But instead, our countries are now moving into the pandemic’s deadliest phase. Mutant strains are spreading into regions where the vaccines are not only scarce; they have barely arrived. At present rates of vaccination, the pandemic will continue to rage until at least 2024.

This is not a coincidence. The system of pharmaceutical patents at the World Trade Organization was designed to prioritize corporate profit over human life. Even in the midst of a deadly pandemic, a coalition of pharmaceutical companies and global north governments refuses to re-order these priorities – blocking patent waivers, refusing to share vaccine technologies and underfunding multilateral responses.

It might be true, that’s possible. But everyone else not in alliance with that ghastly oil, Nick Dearden, seems to be saying that it’s not patents which are the problem. It’s the ability to spin up factories to make the stuff. Which isn’t a problem that is solved by voiding the patents.

No matter how many times people claim it is.

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  1. Doesn’t a vax programme while the epidemic continues actually encourage survival of effective variants, at least in infectiousness if not lethality? Wouldn’t one of the varius off-patent treatment options be worth considering where cases occur, when the vax is not useful anyway?

  2. As has been mentioned before, the frankenjabs were only able to be given emergency authorisation for use if there were no other authorised treatment for covid, hence the effective ban on the use of Ivermectin or HCQ as a treatment for the virus, despite plenty of evidence they do reduce hospialisations, serious illness and deaths.

  3. As I said before, making the stuff is one problem. Getting it into the world’s arms is quite another. There’ll be billions of wasted doses because the logistics don’t work.

  4. So vaccinating the world with vaccines that don’t stop the virus from infecting people and circulating freely (and as rhoda mentions, will probably stop the natural viral evolution towards more infectious but less virulent versions, and instead move it towards more virulent ones) will save the world from Covid will it? When everyone has been jabbed, and the virus is still circulating freely, as it will, what then?

    At what point are people going to realise this isn’t about illness and disease any more?

  5. Perspective.

    Worldwide* SARS CoV 2 has a Case Mortality Rate of 2% (3 859 053) of those who had CoVid 19 ( (178 247 235), so,98% recovered. The Infection Mortality Rate is around 0,15%.

    So 0,05% of the World population died of CoVid, just over 2% of the World population were diagnosed with it.

    Since we are entering Summer and SARS is seasonal disease whose activity is now near zero, we are not entering a dangerous phase mutants or not.

    Wasting more resources on vaccines and vaccination is only unnecessary, but also costly, irresponsible and dangerous, particularly for the young fir whom the virus poses negligible risk.

    *Source: Worldometer.

  6. Dear Mr Worstall

    A pandemic normally burns itself out in a year or so, becoming more infectious but less lethal.

    @ rhoda klapp June 18, 2021 at 7:56 am

    Effectively this pandemic has ended, but the medical interference using vaccines may serve to prolong and worsen the pandemic. Vaccines which are ‘leaky’, allowing infection but reducing symptoms in the vaccinated, can permit more virulent, i.e. deadly, mutations to spread, creating a human version of Marek’s disease of chickens. As far as I am aware all the vaccines being produced for covid are ‘leaky’. This may result in the situation described in the second and third paragraphs here:'s_disease#Prevention

    For conspiracy theorists there is a forecast of population by country for 2025 – a mere three and a half years away – which has recently been removed from the website. A pdf of the table can be downloaded here:

    Compare and contrast with Deagel’s 2019 population table:

    The forecast for much of the Western world is interesting.

    Hope this helps.


  7. @DP: I’ve been reading Legiron’s blog for some time now, its an eye opener on the virus and vaccine front. If a professional like him is eschewing the vaccines, thats good enough for me.

    The more I read about what research is discovering about the vaccines, and the spike proteins, and their effects on the human body, the more glad I am I have refused to take the vaccines. I’ll take my chances with the real virus, being in good health, not over weight or diabetic, and with judicious use of things like Vit D I think my odds are pretty good. Whereas the odds from the vaccines are worsening all the time as more and more negative consequences are discovered. And we are only 6 months into this mass medical experiment………

  8. It’s the ability to spin up factories to make the stuff.

    Indeed. Just because you have a pharmaceutical factory making, say, out-of-patent pain relief medication doesn’t mean it can be quickly turned into one making covid vaccines.

    K K. Shailaja is member of Kerala’s Legislative Assembly and former Health Minister. Anyang’ Nyong’o is Governor of Kisumu County, Kenya. Rogelio Mayta is Foreign Minister of Bolivia

    I can almost guarantee that non of these f**kwits has ever made anything in their lives.

  9. @Jim: “vaccines that don’t stop the virus from infecting people” – well of course they bloody don’t. Do you understand how vaccines work?

  10. “At present rates of vaccination, the pandemic will continue to rage until at least 2024.”

    Vaccines were used during the 1956 Hong Kong and 1967/8 Asian flu pandemics. Neither of those pandemics lasted 4 years. What’s so special about this one?

    “During seasons of great pestilence men have often believed the prophecies of crazed fanatics, that the end of the world was come. Credulity is always greatest in times of calamity. Prophecies of all sorts are rife on such occasions, and are readily believed, whether for good or evil. During the great plague, which ravaged all Europe, between the years 1345 and 1350, it was generally considered that the end of the world was at hand. Pretended prophets were to be found in all the principal cities of Germany, France, and Italy, predicting that within ten years the trump of the Archangel would sound, and the Saviour appear in the clouds to call the earth to judgment.”
    ― Charles Mackay, Extraordinary Popular Delusions & the Madness of Crowds

  11. @DP The vaccines are “leaky” because the immune system is.. By it’s very nature…

    And it’s funny how CoVid is something Special in that it will manage something all the other virii with much nastier base attributes by any metric we inoculate against failed to do what you predict for this rather tepid coronavirus.
    Do we have Supersmallpox? Or for that matter Super[anything] since we started inoculating against viruses over a century ago? Mother Nature being who she is, whe would have found a way, no?

    Let’s shelve you statement in the same dark corner as Climate Science, shall we?

  12. ” “vaccines that don’t stop the virus from infecting people” – well of course they bloody don’t. Do you understand how vaccines work?”

    A traditional vaccine prevents the vaccinated person becoming infectious, they provide sterilising immunity. The immune system deals with any stray infectious material that comes its way, and the person is never infected with the disease and cannot pass the disease on to anyone else.
    These Covid vaccines are non-sterilising, they do not prevent a person becoming fully infected with the virus, becoming a case of the disease, and being able to pass on live viral load to other people and infect them. All they do is ameliorate the symptoms of the disease, and hopefully reduce hospitalisation and death. They do not prevent onward infection. Reduce it maybe, but do not stop it.
    And as such are very dangerous, especially when introduced while the disease is widespread – this can easily result in a more virulent strain of the virus evolving and becoming the dominant strain, as in the case of Mareks disease mentioned above.

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