Listen, Kokot

A ceasefire in the UK and EU sausage war should be announced within 48 hours in Brussels, a European Commission vice-president told members of the Northern Ireland Assembly on Monday, preventing a ban on British bangers in the country.

Maros Sefcovic also warned Britain against continued “negative rhetoric”…

This actually being our country we don’t require some piča operating as the mouthpiece of the German Defence Minister telling us either what we may do or what we may say. You may, as we are being polite, take your sračka and swim in it. We might even suggest nasrať do rúk a nepustiť k vode!

Seriously, počul si, čo zajebal? We must not engage in negative rhetoric?

Fuck off lad.

4 thoughts on “Listen, Kokot”

  1. Respect! Nothing better than insulting someone in their own language. Something I always try to learn. The “go swim in it” is a good one. Equivalent of “And the horse you road in on” ?

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