Ms. Joyner Griffith’s style pictures

Florence Griffith Joyner’s trailblazing fashion sprints to the front with film

7 thoughts on “Ms. Joyner Griffith’s style pictures”

  1. A biopic about a runner who died at the age of 40. That’s going to be interesting. I suppose it will be interesting to see how they cover her sudden and astonishing surge in performance during the 3 year gap in her career. I guess they will ignore it

  2. “Like those NBA stars, Griffith Joyner blurred lines between sportswear and the catwalk. She could knit, crochet and manicure”

    Who could ever forget that amazing 100 metre scarf she blasted out in the Seoul Olympics?

  3. i love this bit “However, since her death 10 years later, aged 38, her sporting legacy has been muddied by allegations of doping –
    and was subjected, according to the chair of the International Olympic Committee’s medical commission, to “all possible and imaginable analyses”. exactly what they said about Lance Armstrong of doping fame.

  4. Even if she did take drugs, it’s less of an advantage than allowing the 6′ 5″ self-declared female athlete formerly known as Bob to compete in women’s track races, shot putt, javelin and discus.

    Still, we should I suppose be grateful for the considerable mercy that we’re unlikely ever to see Carrie of Glasgow in lycra at any athletics event on TV.

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