Children of immigrants from deprived backgrounds are up to twice as likely to have a degree compared to their white peers, but this doesn’t translate into greater employment prospects, research has found.

That the first generation all run corner shops, the second are doctors and accountants is a cliche because it happens so often. Education is seen as the way up.

The counterfactual – at least, an interesting one – is what happens to the second generation without the education, not what happens with the second compared to the indigenes. And the effect is of course considerably better off and greater employment possibilities.

Just look at what happens to the second generation where education isn’t so prized……

7 thoughts on “Nonsense”

  1. “For example, Pakistani women … have a three percentage point lower chance of being employed compared to their white counterparts”

    Is that because they’re not getting the jobs, or because they aren’t looking for the jobs in the first place as their parents’ generation didn’t expect women to work outside the home? Genuine question, I have no idea.

  2. Not speaking the language, and not being allowed outside without a guard, may also be somewhat limiting.

  3. Could also be that, in the push to get an education, there’s disproportionate take up of the faux value degrees. Even with a lot of push and drive not everyone will make it as a Dr. What’d be interesting is the breakdown of what degrees the 2nd gen are taking. I think i’d expect more of a bias towards practical vocational type degrees, but dunno.

  4. Does the statement imply that the nation is divided into immigrant or white? Can’t you fiddle this stat by clever definition of who is deprived? So much of this kind of research finds people to whom shit happens and finds that they are poor. But it’s a circular argument, poor people are by definition the ones shit happens to. Immigrants may not be.

  5. I thought all graduates were finding it hard to get good jobs – irrespective of skin-tone and sex – because of market over-supply thanks to the Idiot Blair.

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