Not enough I tell ‘ee, not enough!

A damehood also goes to Kate Bingham, who led the procurement and deployment of the vaccines and has been credited with the huge success of the rollout.

Countess at a minimum…..

7 thoughts on “Not enough I tell ‘ee, not enough!”

  1. It’s not that she’s been under-rewarded. It’s that so many no better than average have been over-rewarded. Knighthoods & gongs handed at as a matter of routine. The honours system’s been devalued to virtually zero.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Covid has brought in interesting linguistic innovations: gain of function is when Matt Hancock is appointed health secretary. This could not naturally occur.

  3. agree, possibly too much of a risk that she turned up in the HofL and started whipping that into shape in short order too.

  4. So she’s just as valuable as the woman who created Hot Gossip? I’d have told them to stick it.

  5. I agree with Mr Womby. Being given the same honour as some woman who won two races at an Olympics some years ago, suggests someone didn’t think this out.

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