Oh, very fun

That happened when McMillan was based in Rome (he was also fluent in Italian). He was later posted to Dhaka in Bangladesh. Among his experiences there was being refused entry to the Dhaka Club, despite being a member. One morning he arrived dressed in the local Bengali garb of kurta pyjama only to be told by the secretary that the rules required a jacket and tie. “But Mr Secretary this is your national dress,” he protested. “But Mr McMillan these are your rules,” replied the secretary.

The Dhaka Club now being largely populated by the owners of the garment factories. Not just natives, but in trade!

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  1. Related to the Julie Burchill thing, IIR ash sarkarhs badmash great auntie or something tried unsuccessfully to kill some Europeans at a chittagong club. She was successful in killing herself though.

    p.s my recommendation for peeps visiting india is to join the ROSL. gets you associated membership of many top places over there with not much, if any, of a waiting list.

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