One of those little oddities

It’s just occurred to me. This ladypenis thing, the idea that op or not, lesbians should date transwomen.

“The demand is that her sexual desire should be determined by what is going on in your head?”

11 thoughts on “One of those little oddities”

  1. But, uh, that’s not the demand?

    The demand is that women who fuck trans women (and also fuck cis women and don’t fuck men) should be allowed to call themselves lesbians and that other lesbians should stop treating them like shit.

  2. No, the demand is that makes who present as women should be as desirable to lesbians as females.

    Because these people conflate sex, sex orientation, and gender when it suits their purposes and separate them when it doesn’t.

    And if they don’t want lesbians treating them like shit – they could try leaving the lesbians alone.

  3. “The demand is that her sexual desire should be determined by what is going on in your head?”

    Yes, but no.
    The demand is that what goes on in a Wokeist’s head defines reality. And that anything which fails to conform to that imagined reality is to be condemned. Or denied. Or both.

  4. when that guy invented super straight it was quickly followed by super gay, to cover Tim’s point. Yet still there were wide awakened sophist gatekeepers insisting that it wasn’t a sexuality- trans are in the set of people you could fancy. But that still leaves preference. It’s the same if you don’t fancy someone in that set because they’re too old, too young, because their nose is too big or they don’t have a chin or they have a knob. Myself i think if you’d rather shag all the big nosed,chinless,90 year olds first then,,,you’re probably in different sets.

  5. There are men who are attracted to transwomen. They are known as admirers. They will insist that they are not homosexual…

    Denial ain’t just a river in Africa.

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