The cynical attack on Stonewall is a reminder of the need to stand up for trans rights
Freddy McConnell

Well, yes. Freddy is the bird who became a man, then stopped taking the drugs, had – as in carried to term – a baby then wanted to be listed as the father, not mother. Also, probably the Guardian worker who claimed that he felt his life was in danger in an unsafe working environment because Suzanne Moore wrote a piece muttering about not being able to change sex or summat.

Good luck to Freddy and how he lives his life. No, really, it’s his life to live and we all wish him well. It’s just that his views on this subject might not be entirely and wholly mainstream. Perhaps, you know?

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  1. Inviting the public to take out an onion for a transgender who killed himself because he had a bit of a wait on the NHS for cosmetic surgery might not go down too well when Covid has seen cancer patients waiting for treatment either…

  2. Nobody ever mentions the rights of the child here. When it grows up what chance will it have of a normal life with it being educated in the right way from birth. I’m sure in the future this will be classed as a crime against humanity.

  3. The attacks on Stonewall are far from cynical. It is a sinister fake charity that is irrelevant so is now seeking a new grift to keep the money flowing.

  4. But one line of attack in the Tories’ culture war

    We talked about this before, didn’t we? Decades of increasingly authoritarian lunatics using government, media and law as weapons against normal people and the fabric of reality itself = sensible policy; impotent belated criticism by Tories and TERFs = “culture war”.

    We should give them a war they wouldn’t believe.

    This peculiarly British anti-trans moral panic is a rehash of the anti-gay moral panic of the 1980s

    Except it wasn’t a moral panic, was it?

    Margaret Thatcher (pbuh) banned perverts from proselytising perversion to schoolchildren. Then Section 28 was repealed in a spasm of woke. Now we have perverts proselytising perversion to schoolchildren. Lt Columbo isn’t really necessary to solve this case.

    Perhaps he felt the same way back in the 80s, when trans people were already part of the struggle for sex and gender liberation

    As we should know now, after more than half a century of miserable experience, there’s no sexual liberation. Only extinction level birthrates, the abortion Holocaust, disease, divorce, depression, dying alone, inceldom, sterility, fat guys in frocks, and children who don’t know if they’re boys or girls.

    Sexual liberation is the elephant’s graveyard full of murderous laughing hyenas who plan to rip and rend the flesh of your children. We were tricked into going there by the malicious cozenings of the Enemy. The Kingdom of God, who is the real Lion King, is everything the light touches. We should walk in the light of the Lord.

    Freddy McConnell is not a man, she’s a horribly confused woman who has abused medical technology in order to twist her body into an ugly parody of her father. It is a lie and an insult to pretend she is a son of Adam.

    That would be her personal tragedy, but like the cenobites in Lemarchand’s Box she sings the siren song of self-mutilation. Pinhead is unaware that he’s in a horror movie, he thinks himself the bold sexual adventurer.

    We can’t afford to tolerate this. Truth and Lies are implacable enemies.

  5. As I said in a recent comment, there are no such things as rights – except in the strictly legal sense. There are only obligations. Why would you wish well of a poisonous individual determined to force obligations on people against their will? It’s the central problem of the libertarian mindset. It’s a philosophical attempt at suicide.

  6. Worstall, how could you?

    “his views on this subject might not be entirely and wholly mainstream”

    Using ‘not mainstream’ as a criticism is (usually) a sign of stupidity allied with Stalinist tendencies. I’ll be generous and assume you were drunk. Or had the flu. Or the virus from far Cathay.

  7. A propos nothing, I guess, but that is one of the worst-written articles I’ve seen in a national newspaper. Holy fuck. This person actually gets employed to write, with no discernible ability at all?

    Also, it really ought to be a giant clue: if the left-wing and right-wing, not usually allies, can agree on something so readily, perhaps it’s the militant trannies that are wrong?

  8. I’m not sure Aslan would have beheaded those insulting George Michael.

    He’s not the Messiah, he’s a very naughty boy!

  9. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    But it really all comes down to a misinterpretation of Stonewall’s trans inclusion guidance.

    It always comes down to a “misinterpretation”, doesn’t it?

    Because no reasonable person could actually disagree with Stonewall’s guidance if they properly understood it.

  10. As Ghandi said rights and obligations are 2 sides of the same coin, we only have rights because people honour their obligations

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