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Outrageous, how could they?

The intimacy coordinator for Bridgerton and other major productions has accused drama schools of ignoring her offer to ease student anxieties over nudity because they were concerned students may have blown the whistle.

Lizzy Talbot said she was largely rebuffed or ignored by drama schools despite offering to ensure students felt comfortable acting out sex scenes or other intimate moments.

What do you mean they don’t want to hire me? Don’t they know who I am?

5 thoughts on “Outrageous, how could they?”

  1. “Intimacy coordinator” huh, fnar.
    Perhaps Rocco should offer his services to show them how its “done”.

  2. Who cares at this point? There was a time when going to the cinema or renting a movie was one of the few ways to see some tits, but there is an unlimited supply of hardcore pornography now.

  3. BoM4 has a point there. I guess thst I am just getting old and less interested, but I now find bonking scenes in films embarrassing and usually fast forward past them. In fact I am probably regressing so far back that I find myself booing them and shouting “get on with the mayhem and killing!”

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