Phil McAvity might want to sign this


14 thoughts on “Phil McAvity might want to sign this”

  1. Due to Covid-19 plans can change rapidly. But we’ll be getting as close to the symbolic heart of Europe as possible.

    Brussels? Not sure the falafel/Grindr capital of Europe counts as its “symbolic heart”.

    Rome, surely. Or maybe Vienna*

    *This means nothing to me

  2. I don’t quite get what the point of this is. Is it an opportunity for remainers to remind us all what a pathetic bunch of bad losers they are?

  3. Plenty of the commentators on El Spuddo’s blog may care to add their names. I’m sure Lavrentii Beria would like to see his name in lights.

  4. Someone has figured out that some remainers are so ardent they will fork out hard earned cash for a lost cause.

  5. Here’s my message of hope:

    “I hope the EU swiftly disintegrates. I hope the individual nations of Europe reclaim their national cultures. I hope all of the different nations on the European continent get along in happiness and mutual respect. I hope something is done to return the millions of non-Europeans to where they belong. I hope people organising this cretinous stunt realise their mistake.”

    There. Now fuck right off.

  6. Steve
    Aachen? (Charlemagne)
    Iceland? (First Pariament)
    Schweiz? (first democracy)
    The Fulda Gap? (where the Soviet tanks were expected)
    Lots of candidates, the capital of a made up country (d o b 1815 / 1831) doesn’t immediately spring to mind.

  7. The fake name stuff is the sort of thing that Orange Man Bad and anti-Faragistas get up to and brag about endlessly on social media. It would be better just to post repeatedly the names of the current commissars

  8. Brussels? Not sure the falafel/Grindr capital of Europe counts as its “symbolic heart”.

    This is an example of the Europe/EU elision; obvs the functional heart of the EU (and, by EUphile logic, Europe) is Berlin and/or Paris…

  9. Message: “What happened to that sacrosanct EU freedom of movement, the Remainers all wept over?”

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