It has to be The Guardian that ruins a piece like this, doesn’t it?

It’s a claim that put baldly can sound too vast and conspiratorial to be credible, but there are some parts of the British press that, for a long time, have not simply reported the news, but done their bit to create it, so that it conforms to a pre-existing narrative.

Err, yes?

The media are often not the impartial observers that this scenario assumes. Sometimes, the journalist looks out of the window, finds that it is dry, but ends up giving the impression that it is raining anyway.

There are certain stories that are teased into headlines based on exaggeration and a loose relationship with the facts.


What, you mean like when an Arab Sundanese castigates the British over slavery?

7 thoughts on “Projection”

  1. It’s fruitless to debate the culture-war confections of the rightwing press

    You see this a lot in Guardianland.

    When Tony Blair opened the floodgates to massive, above-replacement-level immigration to “rub the noses” of English people in diversity, that was just sensible evidence-based policy.

    When Gordon Brown forced the Catholic adoption agencies to close out of spite that was a tolerant and enlightened approach to disgusting homophobes.

    When Stonewall is paid vast sums of taxpayer money to encourage children to think about getting sterilised and mutilated so they can roleplay as the opposite sex, that’s compassion and inclusivity.

    But when the Daily Mail or Brillo or whoever criticises what they’re doing, it’s culcha war.

    Like we found out with the recent racial agitation, your words are violence and you should be harassed by the cops and jailed, but their violence is legitimate protest, and they should get medals for vandalising statues and screaming hate at wypipo.

    A strange game. The only way to win is lions.

  2. @Steve

    I’d like to disagree because one would hope that society has not reached this level, but I find I cannot.

  3. That there is a high incidence of hate crime against Muslims is entirely to be expected,

    Indeed it is Ms Malik, given the shitty behaviour of many muslims towards the British.

    But, please, tell us how some muslims feelings were hurt by mean words.

    C**t – deport when?

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