Quite right too

On Monday, a French woman, Valérie Bacot, will walk into a court to be tried for killing her stepfather turned husband. She has admitted shooting him dead and believes she should be punished.

In her defence, she is expected to tell the the hearing at at Chalon-sur-Saône in Burgundy how Daniel “Dany” Polette made her life hell from the day he raped her when she was 12, to the day he died 24 years later while prostituting her.

The ending of the story being right that is. We do indeed need to have a system which examines then sorts out such events.

Perhaps he was a complete bastard who deserved it. Perhaps it’s all a tissue of lies. So, some system is needed to see what really did happen. Who is – if anyone is – culpable and who – if anyone – should be punished.

Fortunately we have such a system, it’s called the courts and the individual process in a specific case is called a trial.

Good, so that’s sorted then.

3 thoughts on “Quite right too”

  1. You think the courts are arbiters of truth? How quaint.
    Courts decide the law, they are obliged to take a decision, so shades of grey are not permissible.
    From what I’ve heard about this case there are plenty of witnesses saying the guy was a total shit. But it begs the question: if she was a sex slave, why did no one do anything?

  2. Philip

    “Courts decide the law…”


    Anyone who is tempted to litigate should have this tatooed on their wrists. ‘Courts deliver law, not justice’ was taught to me a long time ago, academically and practically.

  3. Is shooting a Frenchmen a crime? Ought it to be?

    Anyway, how about a three year sentence suspended until her children are adults? Or a Texas decision – some people are better dead.

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