Quite so, quite so

But if you don’t accept that there’s a difference between men and women, then what does it mean to be gay or lesbian? Lesbian friends tell me that 40% of the profiles on lesbian dating sites are male. And it’s like a bad joke — a man saying, “I’m a lesbian trapped in a man’s body”. But they’re being subjected to that in their spaces, and their dating sites and their groups. And they’re being told that if they don’t accept that someone can be a lesbian in a man’s body, then that they’re a bigot.

This idea that gender is what’s in your head, well, fine, OK then. But it does seem off to try to insist that someone else’s sexual response should be driven by what’s in your head.

And that 40% number…..

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  1. I’ve noticed that often these so called trans women have girlfriends. It’s almost as if they are not real women interested in men. There is no such thing as a woman with a penis. A woman with a penis is a man who’s being a cunt.

  2. I seem to recall a gag told by comedian Roy Chubby Brown. He encounters a lesbian in a bar and she is eyeing up a hot woman across the room. She states that she is a lesbian and then goes into great detail about all the stuff that she would like to get up to with the hot woman. Chubby’s replies “Fookinell, I must be a lesbian an’ all then.”

  3. That 40% number… Like anything digital and mostly unvetted until…. Standard predator tactic on dating sites…

    A rather small actual number of Real People™ with a large amount of (slightly) differing profiles. Wide net, and if one gets caught/banned there’s plenty more..

  4. This from Carrie, the fugly Glaswegian in a dress and wig

    “This is not new. Lots of cases have said that yes, vile views are protected beliefs under the EqA; no, that doesn’t mean you can be a dick to people at work.

    Abigail Thorn of Philosophy Tube summed up the verdict and the anti-trans mob’s reaction perfectly:

    Judge: “Yeah so you’re free to believe the moon landing was fake and you can maybe even work at NASA if they’ll have you, but you can’t keep calling Buzz Aldrin ‘a lying piece of shit who fucks dogs’ to his face okay?”

    MF: “Ah, my beliefs about the “Moon” have been vindicated!”

    IE, Carries thinks Maya’s view that sex is important and real is “vile” and also that this belief is equivalent to the belief that the Moon landing was faked.

    Words fail me. These people are totally nuts and we’re not just gently indulging them, but breaking our whole society by accommodating them.

  5. Wasn’t one of the points made in the original dismissal that there were no trans people at her workplace so she couldn’t be harassing them I work even if she wanted to.
    The court didn’t rule that she couldn’t have sacked for harassing someone with her views just that her views alone weren’t enough reason for dismissal.
    As a white male I’m starting to feel harassed in the workplace by all the constant anti-racism/trans activism stuff maybe I should complain and get the HR department sacked

  6. ‘As a white male I’m starting to feel harassed in the workplace by all the constant anti-racism/trans activism stuff maybe I should complain and get the HR department sacked’

    I do agree, BniC. It’s the usual. We must tolerate them, but it’s absolutely intolerable that they should be expected to tolerate us.

  7. All institutions have been hollowed by Marxist scum. Only a mega-purge can stop the shite and good luck with Bogus Johnson on the job.

  8. Bravefart – “Heheheh, Moon landing conspiracy theorists are MENTAL,” said the fat guy who believes he is a woman

  9. @Mr Ecks
    “All institutions have been hollowed by Marxist scum.”
    They were hollowed out by libertarian scum first.
    Both philosophies have a lot in common. Nice theories, don’t survive contact with the real world. Tolerance is not a virtue when you tolerate things that are inimical to your own survival. Freedom of expression is not an unalloyed good when you offer it to those who have no intention of reciprocating. Nor is equality when you grant it to those would make you unequal to them.

  10. I wrote recently over at my place about how the Pride parades and festivals have possibly outlived their usefulness. Instead of being what they once were, which was events where people could campaign for real equality you know the sort where a person is judged not by which sex of adult they choose to sleep with but on the content of their character, into festivals for exhibitionism that drive ordinary LGB’s away. We have obviously entered a time of peak stupidity when Lesbians are being driven away from Pride events by aggressive trans activists.

    I’m really not at all surprised about the claim that 40% of ‘female’ profiles on lesbian dating sites are males. The problem is that nobody is defending the Lesbians when they quite rightly say that this is wrong.


  11. You, a tolerant liberal: Instead of being what they once were, which was events where people could campaign for real equality

    Me, a Hitchensian reactionary: what if the demonstrably rotten fruits (no pun intended) of the struggle (sessions) for “equality” prove that it was a bad idea all along?

    What if social opprobrium wasn’t actually random bigotry for the sake of cruelty, but served a pro-social purpose?

    What if the anus isn’t actually a sex gland, and there’s a straight (pun intended) line between celebrating the sin of Sodom and little children being chemically castrated by the NHS and/or prancing around in sexualised poses for the seedy entertainment of adults as “drag kids” and the general woke Reign of Terror which only five minutes ago pretended to simply want “love” and is now aggressively ruining the lives, livelihoods and liberties of any random baker, blogger or BnB owner who catches the beady eye of the Gaystapo?

    What if our morality shouldn’t actually be dictated by onanistic Crowleyian self indulgence or lachrymose feminine fantasies of affirmation for every social outcast and misfit weirdo, but – in a galaxy full of things that are actively trying to kill us every day on a planet where 99.9% of all species have already gone extinct – should be based on maximising the chances of survival for the individual and group?

    Tl;dr – Starship Troopers did nothing wrong.

  12. @Steve @Fareinheight. The campaign to decriminalise homosexuality was reasonable. Once achieved, then it was time to pack up and go home. The loud celebrations of homosexuality and its associated activities comes from a very loud and toxic minority. Most rational people are tolerant of others’ sexual proclivities, providing they don’t scare the horses.

  13. Longrider I agree with you on that. Legalising what consenting adults do together was reasonable and campaigning for such was what Pride used to be all about. Even after legalisation of gay relationships and legal equality, Pride days in London, and remember it used to be only one day, was a jolly day out for people often from areas that were less than tolerant to them, but it’s become a festival of exhibitionists and there are lot of people who want to live their lives quietly and relatively unobtrusively and not be held to be as one with the exhibitionists.

  14. Longrider SC is not the only one to have picked up on this story. It’s totally appalling. It’s gone beyond anything that could remotely be called acceptable and is now full on indoctrination. What’s worse is that in many countries such as the UK, parents are forbidden from objecting and from withdrawing their kids from these sort of ‘lessons’.

    Section 28 was campaigned against on the grounds that it might have prevented teachers from helping or advising mid to late teenagers who may be concerned about their sexuality, something that many might have thought reasonable. However the repeal of section 28 has meant that there is now no legal restriction on teaching stuff that many parents would consider as completely unreasonable. I’m beginning to wonder whether some, although not all, of those who campaigned against Section 28 did so in order that the way be cleared for the indoctrination of children rather than helping confused teens with sexuality questions?

  15. When Pride bans police officers from taking part in uniform because it might upset tBLM it can no longer be about taking pride in who you are. What about those in the police that have fought for acceptance seems they aren’t worth anything to the prode committee.
    You can also see what they think about free speech when they ban libraries for having the ‘wrong’ books.
    Power corrupts and people love to use the ban hammer and show off

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