Resolved, David Sirota is an idiot

We’re told billionaire tax avoidance is ‘perfectly legal’. But is it?
David Sirota
A presumption of innocence is never afforded to poor people accused of petty theft. Yet billionaires benefit from it every day when it comes to taxes

Every court case ever starts with that presumption of innocence. OK, well, since the end of the Star Chamber at least.

In the wake of ProPublica’s recent disclosure of how billionaires avoid income taxes,

Jeeeezus. It’s not even about income taxes, it’s about capital gains taxes.


6 thoughts on “Resolved, David Sirota is an idiot”

  1. I await Mr Sirota’s equally vigorous condemnation of the tax avoidance schemes utilised by such entities as GMG.

  2. Please understand that I am not accusing Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Warren Buffett or anyone else of actually committing crimes

    No mention of George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison or Sergey Brin? I wonder why.

    Mr Sirota seems like an enemy of Western Civilisation extraordinary man.

  3. Not investing in anything is tax avoidance.

    I remember the high tax 1960s and 1970s where many people who worked overtime preferred time off instead of payment to avoid taxes which in fact would cost more than the extra pay – that was tax avoidance. Perfectly legal… but was it?

  4. I recall being taught about a tax case involving the Vestey family and one of their companies back in the good old days of high taxes. Just to be on the safe side, the tax office raised multiple assessments on different grounds hoping that one of them would stick. The Vesteys appealed the assessments but didn’t ask to postpone the tax. Instead they paid all the tax under all the assessments, even though at worst only one of the assessments would stick.

    In the end, the Vesteys won on all grounds. And got the tax repaid. With interest. And at the time, no tax was charged on tax office repayment interest – one of the few sources that had that advantage.

  5. First tax avoidance is perfectly legal – that is part of the definition of avoidance. My principal means of tax avoidance is “Gift Aid” legalised by Gordon Brown and I am sure it remains legal if the giver is a billionaire.
    Second, a presumption of innocence is ALWAYS afforded to poor people (but not Dominic Cummings) until they are convicted.
    Third David Sirota cannot be that much of an idiot if he can type.

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