My son is in Leeds and undoubtedly has Covid for a second time now. Two lateral flow tests confirm that, but he is isolating and so no one in the NHS knows that.

But I thought that lateral flow tests were so inaccurate as to be useless? I’m sure a well respected professor of political economy has told me that.

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  1. Very naughty. You are required to report the results of the lateral flow test to the NHS irrespective of the result.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Yes they are useless when prevalence is low:

    “ This chart shows how inaccurate the LFD “Case” numbers are.

    It shows them from the first reported date and how they are amended for false positives each day.

    Example 30th May

    31st May = 736
    1st June = 633
    2nd June = 419

    so far 43% of positives were False.”

    And that’s not with everyone taking a PCR.

  3. It could be that Covid-19 has a special fondness for the Murphy family. The fuckwitted professor and now his son have both had 2 doses

  4. I hope spudlet is ok, but imagine still being seriously worried about Chop Fluey in the middle of 2021.

    That’d be embarrassing if people had any level of self awareness over what massive, soppy pussies they are.

  5. It could be that Covid-19 has a special fondness for the Murphy family.

    They’re both irrelevancies that can make people sick to the stomach and damage the economy (though Covid has caused far more damage to the country) so there’s a natural affinity.

  6. OK.. He’s in self-isolation and has not contacted whatever-is-needed-in-the UK, when there is still a hunt going on for People Who Get Infected “Twice” ** worldwide?

    Y’know.. To check/update the models and figure out what the chances are in the Wild? So Questions can be Answered and we can get rid of all the fanfare that much sooner?

    Seems cuntishness runs in the family there… They’re obviously really, really “special”.

    ** So far as I’ve been able to check, nothing unusual.
    PPE/protocol fails in high-exposure environments, immunodepressed patients ( natural, chemo, Advanced Old Age), and *ahem* Cultural Traditions ( No snogging/hugging COVID patients or their remains, m’kayyy? )
    Confirmed reinfection cases of “Normal” peeps who had it/have been vaccinated : none.

  7. At the time of writing, there have been 31 confirmed cases of reinfection around the world
    As of Jan this year…. smells like BS to me.

  8. Pilgrim Slight Return says:
    June 13 2021 at 9:29 am

    In a society dominated by agnotology – the deliberate placement of dodgy information – it is very hard to learn anything Richard.

    PSR… a sleeper agent?

  9. LFTs are compared with the results from PCRs. But the latter are compared with … nothing. The whole testing business is a farrago of circular arguments. It’s a preposterous state to be in nearly 18 months after the first alarm was sounded in the West.

  10. 57% accurate when self-administered according to Porton Down. Just theatre, like most of it.

  11. @ Longrider
    Tosh! Of course covid-19 has caused some damage: every person who has fallen sick from covid-19 and been unable to work, let alone entered hospital or died, has failed to contribute to GDP. So the economy has suffered.
    Please don’t talk like the Grauniad.

  12. The US FDA investigated the Innova LFT and it’s conclusion was that it was so useless the best action was to return it to manufacturer or bin it.
    Surely the only point of not reporting Covid is to avoid self isolator for yourself or those around you, as he is self-isolating anyway makes you wonder who else isn’t that he didn’t want to turn in to the health police

  13. “Tosh! Of course covid-19 has caused some damage: every person who has fallen sick from covid-19 and been unable to work, let alone entered hospital or died, has failed to contribute to GDP. So the economy has suffered.”

    I’d call bollocks on that. It’s a disease that overwhelmingly adversely affects the elderly, those with co-existent conditions & the obese. In other words the non or marginally net productive. Any small decrease in GDP is more than offset by the resources not now needed to support those who’ve succumbed for what would have been the rest of their lives. From the effects of the disease itself, those still around have got wealthier.
    We’ve blown trillions in giving a few people a few more years. And I’ll state an interest. I’m in that “elderly” high risk age group. And I still think it’s been madness.

  14. For those discussing the miraculous twice infected offspring. Do yourselves a favour. The man’s a record as a fantasist as long as your arm. Put it in the same box as all those important people ask him questions he can conveniently answer.

  15. I’d agree it’s been madness and I spent 9 days in hospital including 4 in critical care so can hardly be called a denier

  16. Headache, persistent cough lasting more than an hour, high temperature, fatigue… you possibly have CoVid, or influenza. You don’t need a test to confirm disease, symptoms do that. You may get a test done to determine cause in order to guide best treatment.

    If you need a test to confirm CoVid, you don’t have it. Since we keep being told (lies) there is no treatment, why test to confirm? Two aspirin, warm drinks, bed rest.

    CoVid is the only disease that afflicts healthy people.

  17. Having been very concerned about this shit in March last year I have travelled all the way in the opposite direction, to the point where I’m not worried about it at all personally, and won’t be having the jabs.

    I think there’s a virus called SARS COV 2 and that it causes in some people a symptomatic disease called COVID 19 and that some people get very poorly from that and some die. That’s it.


    Further to comments above, a friend of one of my daughters at university has just tested positive again, having had it first time round in October 2020. Her brother visited her at college, they went out together on the Friday night, and Saturday he (who hasn’t had it before) woke up feeling crook.

    Tested and positive.

    None of which is that surprising, if you listen to Sunetra Gupta – the jabs are not designed (or able) to prevent you contracting the virus again, they are designed to prevent you getting symptomatic illness again, and the same is true for natural immunity, only more so.

    Currently my daughter’s mate is fine, if feeling psychosomatically a bit off. I will report back if it gets proper.

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