Salon’s AI Rantometer needs a nudge

Hell, a kick:

All too often, interpersonal racism is the only form of racism that catches media attention, or inspires public outrage and backlash, while devastating policies and traditions slip through the cracks. This, in itself, is a product of western neoliberalism and its very purposeful construction of narratives that reduce systemic, structural crises like imperialism, colonialism, capitalist exploitation, and white supremacy to individual, interpersonal issues.

Surprised western neoliberalism isn’t being blamed for the paucity of really good 25 cent cigars too.

10 thoughts on “Salon’s AI Rantometer needs a nudge”

  1. by Kylie Cheung

    The glorious Imperial Japanese Army did nothing wrong (except lose)

    Hakko ichiu!

  2. Sparkles wasn’t the victim of racism. She was the victim of her own ego. She thought she’d be queen bee and everyone would love her. The reality of being irrelevant compared to william and Kate and being unlikeable to boot was something she couldn’t cope with, so out came the racism card. Anyone who believes this narcissist was going to kill herself might be interested in a bridge i need to sell.

  3. We obviously need more interpersonal racism, take their minds off structural racism. Or wasn’t that what I should have read into the quote?

  4. If you tell people that the system is biased against them because of racism then they are going to interpret every setback as racism, didn’t get the promotion must have been racism, boss annoyed with me must be racism. Self fulfilling prophecy which is what the left wants of course

  5. Anyone surprised by the word salad used to justify anti White hatred clearly hasn’t any awareness of the origins of CRT.

  6. The media certainly do like a bit of interpersonal racism. But then again, they don’t exactly shy away from the structural stuff either.

  7. Criticising another country’s traditions and institutions? Ms Chueng seems to have a bit of a colonialist mindset herself…

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