Seems sensible enough

Cllr Andy Boddington has been on the Southern Shropshire planning committee for seven years.

He confesses to feeling hamstrung by the lack of policy guidance on intensive poultry units in either the county’s local plan, or the government’s national planning policy framework.

“It’s really frustrating that we don’t have the tools in our planning toolbox to get to grips with applications,” he says.

“I think there’s a culture in the planning department of saying, ‘Oh, it’s another chicken shed – let’s approve it’. We no longer have a planning machine, we have a permitting regime. It’s not about strategic planning at all.”

The strategic planning of the economy should be done by county councillors, should it?

A bird costs less than a pint: welcome to Britain’s poultry capital

There is a simple answer to that of course. Make pints cheaper.

15 thoughts on “Seems sensible enough”

  1. Tim

    Not sure if you’ve seen the P3 post today on ‘the freedom to get drunk in a crowd’ – if you have not (And I’d understand if you have better things to do with your time!) then it’s a doozy…

  2. Yep this is the concern i have with a uk version of Bjorn’s beer. i don’t want to have a beer with Brian the local councillor.

  3. The point of Bjorn’s Beer is not that you drink with him. Rather, that you know where he goes to drink his so you can go shout at him. And, crucially, will…..

  4. Yeah ok,not an edorsement, but that makes more sense.

    Peeked at the parish notice board the other day. Minutes said PC wrote to our MP about litter problem. Mp wrote back saying that he’d written to the DfEFRA calling for a minister of litter. Jaisus christ!

  5. Bloke in North Korea (Germany province)

    Brian’s beer is one of those attractive hypotheses, a way in which the world surely must obviously really work, for which there is absolutely no evidence whatsoever.

  6. A bird costs less than a pint: welcome to Britain’s poultry capital

    Cllr Andy Boddington? No way Grauniad made that link on purpose.

  7. i don’t want to have a beer with Brian the local councillor

    Even if, or perhaps because, his name is Boddingtom?

  8. Brian’s Beer works where the community is small enough that the deciders from within the community are well enough known to the community itself. The old Urban District Councils were about the right size. Almost everybody knew somebody or was related to somebody involved in the Town Council. County Councils are such enormous behemouths that it’s impossible for the chap responsible for highways schemes who lives 80 miles away to know what their pet schemes do. The chair of the Parish that used to be the UDC lives ten feet from the chaos, I live thirty feet from the chaos, the chair of finance lives 200 feet from the chaos. The person responsible for the chaos in effect lives on the other side of the world.

  9. The reason US chicken is cheap is because the excellent USofA has cheap feed which accounts for 2/3rd of costs. Costs from shed to fork without feed costs are similar in UK and USofA. So UK should not import chickens but import the feed, subsidised by those awfully nice citizens of USofA providing the subsidies, and we’re better off.
    The head of the USofA poultry exporting association *not the exact name* said this and his point has been persistently ignored.

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