Significant parts of life are going to be difficult to explain with this

The survey was circulated to Oxfam’s 1,800 staff in Britain — 88 per cent of whom are white — and describes racism as “a power construct created by white nations for the benefit of white people”.

The document says “white privilege” is a by-product of a racist system and adds: “Oxfam does not recognise reverse racism.”

An assumption that no one non-white can be racist – whether towards whites or not – is going to leave large areas of life and the world unexplainable.

It’s even possible to recast the concept they really have in mind so that it makes sense. Power constructs are constructed to preserve the power of those constructing them. That makes sense. And who is the power structure and who it benefits depends. One of the things it doesn’t depend upon being the colour of the skin of the people either constructing or benefiting from that power structure.

It’s even possible that power structures and race will coincide. But defining them as being the same thing is a category error.

25 thoughts on “Significant parts of life are going to be difficult to explain with this”

  1. The whole of Oxfam’s raison d’etre is post-colonial colonialism. If it goes along with this BS, it should dissolve itself and let each race support its own.

    It has been pointed out (don’t you love passive?) that even the people who claim other races can’t be racist cannot possibly believe it.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    Are they talking race, tribe or colour? What those tribes in Africa think of each other is akin to racist and what the Han Chinese think of everyone else is definitely racist.

  3. Imagine wasting valuable years of your life trying to help brown people in shithole countries, only to find out you were a racist all along.


  4. Racism is part of the natural, evolved fear of the unknown others not of this tribe who compete for territory, food, resources, mates and displace current traditions, culture, language with their own. Also evolved is a tendency to associate with those most like ourselves. This can be observed in any Country where incomers gravitate to areas with others like them to form, if not ghettos, certainly enclaves… like the English in certain towns in ‘Dordogneshire’ in France.

    It is not a ‘construct’, it is instinctive, innate for the purpose of protection. It exhibits in all Humans and animals. Watch what crows do if an albino crow moves into the neighbourhood. Crows will happily feed together, but not allow a magpie (member of the crow family) to feed with them.

    So much ignorance. I blame the schools.

  5. I’ve always assumed that a reason racism is wrong is because it is just plain stupid. To pre-judge someone because of skin colour is just as stupid as judging on eye colour or hair colour.

    So when a black person does it to a white or Asian person, why is it any less stupid?

  6. I wonder if Oxfam would have come into existence if no white people could have taken part in it’s formation?
    Now, let’s have a look at Water Aid, Save the Tigers, and Aid to Yemen.

  7. ‘This survey seems to be a novel form of are you still beating your wife?’

    Thank you Hallowed Be. But I must agree with Rhoda about the post-colonial colonialism.

  8. Bogan, Yeah but it could have been described as such in 1945 or whenever it started up in Africa, this survey thing is a takeover, a a suppression technique, a technology.

  9. To pre-judge someone because of skin colour is just as stupid as judging on eye colour or hair colour.

    It depends on circumstances. At a job interview – I’d agree; when taking a shortcut down a dark alley – possibly not.

  10. Seems like Oxfam have been drinking the CRT Kool-Aid. CRT ( Critical Race Theory) is a theoretical framework developed by Black ethnic activists which seeks to blame White people for the failure of non-Whites to thrive in White countries.

    It is anti-White propaganda.


  11. Theophrastus (2066)

    “One question on the survey asks staff if they would describe themselves as: non-racist; anti-racist; none/neither.”

    Surely, for Oxfam,that should read ‘non-rapist; anti-rapist; none/neither’.

  12. “…seeks to blame White people for the failure of non-Whites to thrive in White countries.”

    But they don’t thrive in non white countries either, so how does that work?

  13. But they don’t thrive in non white countries either, so how does that work?

    But the reasons for them not thriving in non-white countries is to do with the structural oppression of colonialist oppressors who built the infrastructure of the country and than had the temerity to let another tribe steal the election, one our former-colonial inhabitant is not a part of.

    So of course even a non-white in a non-white Independent country is still being oppressed by whitey.


  14. I don’t recognise ‘reverse racism’ either. It’s a racist attempt to assert that white vs black racism is the natural state and black antipathy to whites is some kind of response.

  15. They shouldn’t recognize reverse racism. There is no such thing. There is only racism.

    Its like recognizing ‘reverse light’ – its still light.

  16. I do like the idea that the institutions of a country were specifically designed and built to be racist, which conveniently ignores the fact most of them have evolved into what they are over centuries and that for most of that time the non-white population of U.K. was effectively 0%
    Of course the fact that Britain evolved for the benefit of the British rather than foreigners is most probably a crime to the EU crowd

  17. The UK spends vast amounts on recent immigrants. One of the points that fails to be made is that spending in London on education for heavily immigrant boroughs is roughly 20% above the London average and at the extremes is perhaps 40%+ more than is spent in some parts of England. This money is allocated on the basis of poverty and English as a second language (and the London weighting). As a result immigrant children end up with better educational outcomes than poor whites. Institutional racism indeed.

  18. Oxfam is a supposed charity. One that spews pure Marxist evil. As a matter of routine.

    Almost the entire set of UK institutions has now been hollowed out by Marxism . Including the fuck-useless Tory Party. In evidence take Blojob Bogus Johnson and his clapping seal MPs. Who believe in free speech–unless you say something that upsets Marxist scum –in which case Plod should be investigating you.

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