So, who didn’t expect this?

Amassing “nudes” of female pupils has become a “collection game” in schools, an Ofsted report has warned.

Youngsters see sharing naked images as “part of life”, according to inspectors who were commissioned by ministers to investigate safeguarding in schools in the wake of “rape culture” allegations.

Ofsted found that sexual harassment has become “normalised” for schoolchildren and they often do not report it because it happens so frequently.

Boys are sharing “nudes” on platforms such as WhatsApp and Snapchat,

Or, given that the technology exists, who doesn’t expect this to be common among boys? And girls, for that matter? And whose vision of humanity precludes this happening if the tech is available?

13 thoughts on “So, who didn’t expect this?”

  1. In my day, it was magazines such as Mayfair hidden in your school satchel. Humanity hasn’t changed, just the method. So why teachers are so surprised that kids look at naked pictures is surprising to me.

  2. For the girls it’s an early lesson on online privacy (or rather, the absence thereof); but with no major ramifications. For the boys it’s more risky: possession of indecent images of a minor is a serious charge.

  3. Is it only boys? If dick pics were universally greeted with a groan and a sneer they would be rarely sent.

  4. And of course there’s the conflation.

    98% of girls have reported that they have been raped or winked at in the school corridor or one of their friends has been

    Becomes ‘epidemic of rape’.

  5. Just heard on the lunchtime news: “there was no access to porn before the online world”.

    How are these morons able to breed?

  6. jgh,

    How are these morons able to breed?

    Without access to porn, they had to discover sex the old-fashioned way.

  7. But.. didn’t the more adventurous of us do the same? Except we used our actual retinas and memories..

    And the reason why the phys-ed teachers kept a sharp eye out around shower time… 😉

  8. Overlooked is that the girls are the ones having pictures made. And the girls are the ones with the upper hand because they have the pictures. So it’s only when the girls use the pictures to get whatever it is they want from the boys that the pictures trade hands and the boys come in possession of them. From then on the pictures are a form of currency, aren’t they. Boys, being competitive by nature, amass the currency. This is pretty much how the world works.

  9. ‘Without access to porn, they had to discover sex the old-fashioned way.’

    Thank you, Andrew M.

  10. If some silly cow uploads nudie pictures of herself she can hardly complain that they are circulated. It isn’t anything to do with youth -just simple stupidity.

  11. Sexual harassment is mostly girls getting the wrong catch on the line. Both the keepers & the throw backs snap at the same bait.

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