So, will George Michael’s estate be suing?

This is Lorde’s new one:

This is George Michael’s old one:

Lorde herself seems to think it sounds like Loaded from Primal Scream but, you know, I think George might – if he were still here – have something to mutter about.

10 thoughts on “So, will George Michael’s estate be suing?”

  1. So a bunch of hippies on a beach, all worshiping Lorde. Has she started a commune somewhere.

    Most of these recent sounds-a-like claims are based on superficial similarities presented as if the “original being copied” was somehow wholly unique.

    Marvin Gaye’s estate has been particularly egregious at making these claims against new music and has won some even when it can be shown that his own “original” was itself heavily influenced by / copied from an earlier recording.

  2. Well, George might have been a world class screw-up, but the boy had serious talent. Lorde (Who she? Ed.)? Not so much

  3. He borrowed drum/bass lines from others and used preset routines as he readily admitted to being not his strong point in writing, this will lead to a tendency to sounds familiar

  4. I thought Lorde was the Klingon group that won the Euros. They’ve scrubbed up well, didn’t realise the lead singer was female, but I don’t rate their latest stuff.

  5. Dennis, Forever Tactful

    That video is enough to gag a maggot.

    But it does remind me why I hate hippies and new agers… So there is that.

  6. @jgh

    “I thought Lorde was the Klingon group that won the Euros”

    I actually get really disappointed when people say Lorde and I find its her instead of Lordi.

  7. @Recusant: Agreed. People can say what they like about old George, but he wasn’t a talentless mopey teenager.

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