Somebody loves him then

Matt Hancock has declined to comment on reports he is having an affair with his aide Gina Coladangelo in the Department of Health.

Clearly, takes all sorts to make a world.

19 thoughts on “Somebody loves him then”

  1. Wow, lying, duplicitous, two faced, deceitful, little weasel is shown to be a lying, duplicitous, two faced, deceitful, little weasel.
    Will Mrs. Hancock be upset at the news or as glad to see the back of the lying, duplicitous, two faced, deceitful, little weasel as we most certainly will be when the day of reckoning (please God, please) comes?

  2. @Addolff: Well, the missus has fled the marital home. If it were me, his belongings would be on the doorstep (after a liberal dousing in every noxious substance I could find) and I’d be inviting in the media for coffee and pillow talk, but each to their own.

  3. Grant Shapps told Sky News that former lobbyist Gina Coladangelo – who the Health Secretary met at university – would have gone through an “incredibly rigorous” process to get the job.

    Fnarr, fnarr

  4. Great, can we sack the cunt now? It’s a bit like getting Al Capone for tax evasion, but I’ll take it…

  5. The Meissen Bison

    MC: Great, can we sack…

    Boris Johnson probably can’t given his own permanent state of rut.

  6. Cola D’Angelo – would that be Coca, Pepsi or something else that the Angel drinks?

    Not that my Italian is all that good, but is Gina a contraction? Gino certainly is a diminutive of Luigi.

    Can one say ‘Go Gina’ in Italian without calling her a lady part?

  7. “They’re having sex in the Department of Health, and none of the workers there have caught them? ”

    They’ve all been self protecting at home on bloody furlough, haven’t they. Department of Health’s just echoing corridors. Clean corridors because the janitorial staff will have been expected to work.

  8. Witchie,
    I had to go look it up. Gina Lollobrigida is indeed Luigia. You learn something every day.

  9. I can just imagine the pillow talk
    “Oh God, lock me down!”
    “Experience my mighty vaccine!”

  10. Isn’t his wife a major shareholder in a firm with a stonking great contract with the NHS?
    He’ll be missing out on some serious moolah. Hope it’s not worth it, and the contract (something to do with digital records?) rescinded or put out to tender again.

  11. The fact that the condemnation all appears to be about breaking social distancing rules shows how crazy this entire thing has become

  12. @ Ted S
    Some of the pictures in the tabloid press come from a CCTV camera, so they can only have been leaked by a Department of Health employee.

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