That new California math book

Which insists that it should all be antiracist. In which “objectivity” is declared to be a symptom of white supremacy culture. And which contains this:

We’re to take teaching advice from those who cannot proof read?

From the source material we get this:

We cannot dismantle racism
in a system that exploits
people for private profit. If
we want to dismantle
racism, then we must build a
movement for economic

Therefore to beat racism we must abolish capitalism. Hmm, that’s gonna make antiracist economics difficult.

22 thoughts on “That new California math book”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    We’re to take teaching advice from those who cannot proof read?

    Best not to labour that point when you consistently abbreviate ‘mathematics to ‘math’.

  2. Hmm.

    “… the terms used to identify white supremacy characteristics …


    Quantity Over Quality”

    Right, so two diametrically opposed concepts both indicate white supremacy. They’ve got you coming or going.

    All in all, rather reminiscent of Mao’s Little Red Book and its call for “self criticism leading to correct thought”. A shame, because buried in all the antiracism stuff there are actually some good criticisms of the bad maths teaching you get when the teachers don’t have a clue themselves.

  3. Q. Mong’jeesha has five Daddies and four buckets of delicious fairtrade vegan fried chicken. How many undocumented pangendered body-positive BIPOC demitwinks can twerk on the head of a hovercraft full of eels?

    A. Black Lives Matter

  4. It took a while, but progressives finally figured out that people who are reasonably numerate often race ahead of those who are not. Obviously, in a fair and just society you wouldn’t allow people to gain such an advantage.

  5. I reckon I am too old to start learning mandarin, and too young to NGAF about the destruction of west. Any tips for safe countries to move to, to sit out the coming wokeageddon ?

  6. Tricky word, hypotenuse. Could they call it the diagonal side? Tricky word, diagonal. Could they call it the big side? Tricky word, side, …

  7. “We are all fabulous. We are
    not here to “fix” each other;
    rather our work is to love
    ourselves into who we are,
    knowing how conditioned
    we all are by white

    If we’re all fabulous under white supremacy, and no one needs fixing, maybe we should keep it.

  8. Will the last sane one to leave please lock the door

    @gunker with you on that… I reckon eastern europe in general has a low tolerance for this BS

  9. Poland probably, for university at least. They send us their civilised plumbers, we send them our semi-literate students.

  10. The thing that strikes, reading the first few pages of that ..document, is that it appears to demonstrate a world view that says the **only** problem that the students in California have is (white) racism.

    But if you actually read further, a large part of the problem exposed in the document is that mathematics (whatever they actually mean by that) is taught extremely badly – as an example, it is suggested that teaching doesn’t recognise that portion X of what’s being taught depends on portion Y already being understood.

    It really is a deep and massive indictment of California mathematics teaching. Overlaid by racist bullshit, which is used because it gives them the perfect cover for their incompetence.

  11. dearieme and Stevagoras, both of you report to the principal. Don’t you know you can’t call it right angled, it’s left angled now.

  12. “dearieme and Stevagoras, both of you report to the principal.”

    How dare you imply that someone should be ‘in charge’ of a school. Everyone knows that no-one should be in charge and the ‘teachers’ and the ‘pupils’ are all on the same level, everyone must learn from everyone else…….

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    From my quick read of Jonathan’s 2nd link it seems that potential teachers haven’t been taught enough at school to pass the skills test so they’re going to scrap the skills test and teach them what they need to know on the training course.

    This looks like a death spiral.

  14. “a new system where trainees will be assured against a set of fundamental maths and English skills”

    What the bloody fuck????? This is the system that vets people becoming teachers????

  15. “Grading practice focuses on what children don’t know not what they do”

    I’m not sure I know what this means. For the average kid you teach what they’ll need in life (numeracy, literacy, that stuff) and test to see that they’ve learnt it, ideally well enough to pass it on as a parent. (Teachers, after all are just our subcontractors.)
    So your average exam does focus on what they know, or should do.

    For the brilliant minority there’s nothing wrong with throwing them in at the deep end. Ask them what they don’t know and get them to respond on the fly.
    But I don’t see much teaching focusing on the second.

    So WTF are they talking about?

  16. Philip I think they mean you only get marks for giving the correct answer which is obviously racist and colonial.
    It seems that some teachers fail to realise that maths is right/wrong and that we can only mark on a scale if we have workings and split the mark down for the steps so we are just doing right/wrong at a lower level.
    As opposed to English where the teacher gets to decide on the quality of what they have read and pick a mark accordingly.

  17. @Rowdy
    Hungary has better universities. Debrecen does lots of courses in English (just as well, since the local lingo is a bit of a challenge).

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