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That problem with state propaganda agencies

France is to create a state agency to detect fake news over fears that next year’s presidential election could be hit by a “pandemic” of disinformation.

The National Agency for the Fight Against Manipulations of Information

Manipulations will be defined as whatever doesn’t suit the people running the national agency. It is, therefore, an incumbency protection scheme.

15 thoughts on “That problem with state propaganda agencies”

  1. Perfect timing. Just as google, facebook etc begin to stop censoring “fake news” about Chinese flu.

  2. It’s even “Ministry of Truth” translated into French (well, bureaucratic French as bureaucratese always adds a few syllables)

  3. The National Agency for the Fight Against Manipulations of Information

    They hope the pen is mightier than Le Pen.

  4. Theophrastus (2066)

    Will this National Agency investigate Macron’s fake news about the AZ vaccine?

  5. Bloke in North Dorset


    If Orwell were alive today he’d probably say something like: “I warned you, you fucking fools”

    Then he’d probably shrug and walk away.

  6. Re BIND

    We clearly didn’t listen to Orwell.

    Now we’re going to find out who listened to Solzhenitsyn

  7. The fact that they think there is a need for such nonsense is very good news. The bastards are clearly worried indeed.

  8. @ Flubber..

    We did… It’s the peeps who treat that particular book as a protocol manual that are the problem…

    And the True Enemy.

  9. Given that it’s clearly intended to keep a woman from becoming president, it’s pure misogyny

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