That third wave

This little corner of Portugal has gone backwards. Bars close early, at lunchtime on weekends. The primary schools are now closed again.

A certain amount of performance theatre stuff here. However. We also have news today that while cases in the UK are rising hospitalisations aren’t. Which puts those claims that Boris et al have handled vaccinations badly into focus. That is, if Britain is doing vastly better than other paces then what does that say about relative performances?

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  1. O/T
    This is interesting.
    Grabbing Witty might be common assault. But do you really want to be like France & have laws against insulting public officials? Journalists harass people every day in pursuit of the raw material provides their incomes. Although, apparently, BBC journalists don’t like it being done to them.
    Silly story but it could presage the arrival of something distinctly sinister.

  2. “claims that Boris et al have handled vaccinations badly”

    It’s the only thing they’ve handled well. Really well. Where do these claims come from? The usual suspects?

    Mind you if they start forcing vaccine on nippers it will be an iniquitous turn of events. If the teachers unions are behind the idea then just hang a few union officials pour encourager.

  3. On the subject of your restrictions, somewhat odd. They’ve been somewhat relaxed here. As from midnight Friday. Masks now not required outside unless less the 1.5 metres from other people not part of your household. Ends up with the anomaly that one needs a mask to transit the ten feet from sitting outside a bar to sitting inside. But small mercies.
    Just been talking cuz, who arrived on your turf in the big aluminium bird Saturday. He reckons, having beaten the deadline for 14 days quarantine, he’s not required to. I wonder. And the Brits! Asked him if he was complying with the mask regulations, as he’s been a dissenter UK side. He says no, he’s had a scarf across his mouth. Don’t know about Portugal, but I wouldn’t like to try that trick here. Police will define a mask as anything they say it is. And if you get nicked, a court will rubber stamp anything the police do. That’s forrin’. If you don’t like it, don’t go abroad. Like I try & explain to people, you don’t have “rights”. You have their tolerance. Nothing else. UK stops at Dover.

  4. I don’t think that “vaccinations” are now having much effect on the “case” and “hospitalisation” rates. We’re still testing like mad – and with the “accuracy” of the tests being used, can guarantee a small percentage of “positives” that aren’t, but serve to keep up the numbers.

    Increased testing of the non-symptomatic == increased “cases”. These appear to be largely among the young, who are as yet, unvaccinated, for what that’s worth. The tiny percentage of positives who are actually symptomatic enough to even notice they’re ill are providing the A&E fodder who drop in with a runny nose and a cough. A few of them might need a bit of treatment or oxygen, but they’re in no danger of being carried-off by the dreaded lurgi.

    The death-rate from (or even with) Covid is minute compared to cancer and heart disease, it’s even lower than suicide at the moment.

  5. The school I’m currently working at has had one member of staff test positive by Lateral Flow Test at least twice, only for their PCR tests to come back negative. The gossip is that the individual is faking the results to get time off work (the reporting is an honesty system so is easy enough to do). I wonder how common this is, and how much it could skew the figures?

  6. Positive PCR tests are not ‘cases’. A ‘case’ is disease requiring hospitalisation. This is why hospitalisation is not rising because what is being reported are not ‘cases’. This lie was the fundamental support/excuse for the panicdemic in the first place and keeping it going.

    SARS CoV 2, like ‘flu and Cold virus, is seasonal. It is present at a low level in Summer at barely perceptible activity levels – which is why Summer ‘flu or Summer Colds are rare.

    If they tested the population for ‘flu and Cold virus right now, they would find plenty of ‘cases’.

    Non-symptomatic people – that is they do not have CoVid – are getting tested so they can go on holiday or go to events. If this was not so, there would be no ‘cases’.

    The most reliable data are deaths attributed to CoVid – albeit overstated – which have been flat on baseline for weeks. The whatever-number wave we just had was over in January/February… in all Northern hemisphere Countries irrespective of varying vaccination programmes and restrictions.

    The frightener about resurgence in India and Australia ignores (deliberately) that the Southern hemisphere is going into their Winter ‘flu season.

    It is the case that which ‘flu vaccines to make for use in Europe to combat (unsuccessfully) Winter ‘flu are based on which ‘flu virus strains are observed in Southern Hemisphere during their Winter, when it is our Summer.

    But the disinformation mill grinds on.

  7. If they tested the population for ‘flu and Cold virus right now, they would find plenty of ‘cases’.

    I saw a graph yesterday (can’t remember where) that showed flu and pneumonia deaths were currently 10x greater than covid deaths.

  8. It’s interesting also that influenza was allegedly absent this year, or at least I kept reading stories that it was. Not according to the ONS data it ain’t.

  9. A recent long Covid study in children accidentally found that 1.5-2% of children who didn’t have covid had symptoms of long Covid.
    It was a mental study which asked children about 29 symptoms and if they had them now and also 12 weeks earlier. If you marked the same symptom twice then you had long Covid symptoms.
    Sounds believable – if you have 100 children, around 2 will report have something wrong with them almost all the time if you ask about enough symptoms.
    Possibly higher for adults.
    Post-viral syndrome is real – but teasing it the additional harm from Sars-Cov-2 out from background and using it to justify policy changes is almost impossible. I hope Saj holds firm.

  10. The gossip is that the individual is faking the results to get time off work (the reporting is an honesty system so is easy enough to do). I wonder how common this is, and how much it could skew the figures?

    Duckduckgo “lateral flow test orange juice positive”

  11. Indeed. On average 16 people a day commit suicide every day in England & Wales. Wouldn’t be surprised it that figure was higher at the moment.

  12. How many suicides are people stabbing themselves while someone is seen running from the scene to get help. People of no particular description, that is.

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